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1.28.2020 – My questions don’t surprise Him…My inadequacy doesn’t sway Him.

Did you know that the Lord’s not annoyed or appalled by our questions?

Did you know that He’s not surprised, nor swayed by our inadequacies?

He knows our hearts, He knows our questions, and He knows our weaknesses even before we decide to talk with Him about them.

He doesn’t change His mind about how much He loves us.

This morning I had some “hard” questions for Him. I poured them all out. You wouldn’t believe all the questions I wrote out in my journal to Him.

Some of my questions even surprised me, but not one of them surprised Him.

Some of my questions even made me feel like,

“Good grief, what does that question say about me? What does that say about my heart?”

God wasn’t surprised. He wasn’t appalled. He wasn’t disappointed in me for asking Him. He invites me to take everything to Him in the secret place. I don’t have to ever feel like I have to hide a thing from Him. He doesn’t want me to (attempt to) hide from Him or avoid speaking with Him about something that’s on my heart. He is a safe place. I never need to tip toe around Him.

My concern over all these questions I presented to Him made me think of something my husband tells me sometimes…. (and I’m not entirely sure yet, if it’s really related or not.)

He says, “Don’t take yourself so seriously.”

(And okay –it does get under my skin when he says that. I do sometimes roll my eyes. ?)

My husband is so good at letting things go, not over thinking, keeping things light…

While I tend to go deep –probably too deep at times, and I get overly concerned with my actions, my attempts, what people may think, how they might be affected…. how my actions (or lack of) could affect someone, dealing with consequences…. “What if I do something that God is not pleased with? What if I let Him down?” — have you ever had that one? If I’m not careful I’ll get out of hand with those kinds of concerns.

Let’s just say, my husband and I balance each other out when we determine to be unified. It’s a really good thing.

How did I get off on that?

Anyway, I came across a video clip of Graham Cooke telling a story about a time he ran into someone “scary and intimidating” while on a mission in a foreign country, and the way God responded in that situation was very interesting, and in the end, very beautiful and quite a relief. (I really didn’t plan on sharing it here! ?)

But check it out…

God, I’m so thankful that I can usually be a little more light hearted than I usually am when it comes to life with You. As Your child, I don’t need to be overly concerned about making mistakes, or doing things wrong, or dwell too much when I realize my “inadequacies”… I know that I can trust You, and I am learning to trust You in this journey. Thank You for teaching me in the way that You do. You know me so well, Lord. You are teaching me how to live “unshakable”, not because of anything I have done, or anything I am capable of doing, but because of who You are. And thank You for reminding me not to take myself too seriously all the time. Thank You for the ways You balance me out. Thank You for the ways You take my mind off of myself, the ways You help me when I get “hung up” and you get me back into the place where I’m simply moved by how wonderful You are, how mighty You are, and how much You love us all. You have good plans for us.

-Heather ?

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