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2.2.2020 – Affliction

What if we allow the things we go through in life to shape us into the person God has dreamed us to be?

What if we are far better off, going through that hard time, that affliction, that trial, because of how it can shape us into the person we are to “grow into”…

There is beautiful opportunity within the trials we endure, but it’s up to us, whether we allow the trials to transform us into gold, or if we’ll allow our hearts to grow cold.

I’ve seen the most beautiful people come out of the fire as pure gold, and I’ve also witnessed the lives of those who choose a path of bitterness, hearts that turn hard and cold.

What we endure on earth is temporary; eternity is forever.

What if that thing you are going through right now is the very thing you need to be able to do what you are to do with your life?

What if that trial you are going through right now is the very thing that is needed to shape you so beautifully into who He always dreamed you to be?

“The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, But the LORD tests hearts.” -Proverbs 17:3

He sees how our temporary struggles, our burdens, our afflictions, our trials will shape us into exactly who He has always intended us to be.

We may not be able to see them this way in the moment, but God does. He knows.

He can see, even when we can’t.

How it must break His heart that we must endure such things, but at the same time, imagine His excitement, knowing what is in store, seeing what He can see, knowing what He knows. ✨

I love this brave quote by Louisa May Alcott,

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”

What a beautiful way to see life. ⛵️

Thank You, Father. No matter what we face, You are always with us. Jesus, You are right in it with us, always leading us through. I trust that You can see all things, and that You are good, and that You have good things in store.

-Heather ?

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