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2.10.2020 – You Don’t Have to Hide

I remember listening to this song years ago…


“Wow, someone gets me. That’s what I do. I hide.”

Something about this song, something in the way that I connected with these lyrics made me realize that I was hiding in my life, in so many ways.

Little by little the Lord has taken/is taking me through this journey of coming out of hiding.

I am learning, and at times it seems ever so slowly, that as I am safe and secure in Him, I can let enjoy letting Him know me, I can enjoy letting people know me. I can be who He created me to be, and as I open up transparently, as I lift the bandages, my wounds can be healed, and my scars can be used.

He can even use the fact that I once completely hid myself away…

“Hide” by Joy Williams

To anyone who hides behind a smile
To anyone who holds their pain inside
To anyone who thinks they’re not good enough
To anyone who feels unworthy of love
To anyone who ever closed the door
Closed their eyes and locked themselves away
You don’t have to hide
You don’t have to hide anymore
You don’t have to face this on your own
You don’t have to hide anymore
So come out, come out, come out wherever you are
Anyone who’s trying to cover up their scars
To anyone who’s ever made a big mistake
We all been there, so don’t be ashamed
Come out, come out and join the rest of us
You’ve been alone for way too long
And if you feel like no one understands
Come to the One with scars on His hands
‘Cause He knows where you are and where you’ve been
His scars will heal you if you let Him

Thank You, Jesus, for knowing me, for loving me, for giving me a safe place to dwell, for healing my soul, and giving purpose to my scars.

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “2.10.2020 – You Don’t Have to Hide

  1. Wow, that describes me perfectly. The Lord is working in my life and I’m so thankful. It amazes me how your writing finds a way to touch my heart every single day! Praise God!

    1. Hello Nikki – I am glad to know that I am not alone. Even today after writing this post, some things happened in my day that made me want to “hide” and I was like hmmmm….. well isn’t that interesting. God is always growing us and working in us, and I’m so thankful for the lessons and how all of them bring us closer to His beautiful heart. I’m so thankful and amazed that God has encouraged you through these writings. Praise God! Bless you, friend! – Heather

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