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2.19.2020 – “When’s it gonna get easier??”

This morning as I sat before the Lord, I heard a random phrase…

“Try, try, try again!”

Sometimes in the “trying” and “trying” and “trying” again… I find myself growing tired and weary.


When I feel the resistance, the struggle, the pain of my glaring weaknesses time after time after time…

“God, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s getting any easier! When’s it gonna get easier?”

Then I heard,

“Psalm 32”

And so I went there…

Lord, you are my secret hiding place,
protecting me from these troubles,
surrounding me with songs of gladness!
Your joyous shouts of rescue release my breakthrough.
Pause in his presence
8–9 I hear the Lord saying, “I will stay close to you,
instructing and guiding you along the pathway for your life.
I will advise you along the way
and lead you forth with my eyes as your guide.
So don’t make it difficult; don’t be stubborn
when I take you where you’ve not been before.
Don’t make me tug you and pull you along.
Just come with me!”
– Psalm 32:7-9 TPT

Oh Lord, You know me, You know my weaknesses, and You know where You’re taking me. Sometimes I just haven’t a clue, but I know I can trust You. Help me to not grow weary in the “trying and trying and trying again.”

-Heather ?

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