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2.22.2020 – Dreams

I spent some time looking at a dream I had early this morning.

It was the most beautiful dream. ?✨

The symbols were very simple, and they were familiar to me in this kind of language between me and the Lord that I can relate to and understand.

I’m so glad to be dreaming again. ☀️

For a while I was recalling my dreams almost every night, and then when I started feeling so tired a few weeks ago– perhaps about 2 months ago, I became too tired/groggy to fully wake up in the night and in the morning to be able to write them down.

This led to frustration, and my hunger and excitement about what God was showing me and teaching me about dreams seemed to dissolve.

Now that I’m feeling much, much better (thank You, Jesus!!) getting my strength and energy back, I’m noticing that I’m now able to wake up refreshed, and I’m able to be obedient to write down my dreams again.

A couple of years ago, when I started having all kinds of dreams (and not scary nightmares!) regularly, I told the Lord that I would be obedient to write them down in a dream journal. I realized that my dreams could really mean something –something He was wanting to communicate to me.

“Lord, I want to hear You, I want to know what You want to speak to me. I so cherish this with You, so I will write these down and seek You!”

So since then, I’ve had a lot more dreams as I’ve asked Him for more, as I’ve expected Him, and as I’ve dug into the dreams He’s given me.

I love when I wake up knowing I had a dream, realizing it could be something the Lord is wanting to reveal. I love getting to record it, digging into it, seeking the Lord about it, seeing if He shows me what it means, or wondering if He’ll bring understanding or use it as confirmation at a later time.

It’s amazing how He can teach us, how He can reveal things to us, how He can confirm things to us, how He can warn us, how He can speak to us in a way that we can process –how He unfolds His message in such a beautiful, personal way.

There’s a mix of simplicity and mystery that draws me. I love how He does that.

But really, it’s just another beautiful way that we can have closer relationship with Him. ?

Thank You, Father. ?✨

-Heather ?

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