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2.23.2020 – Resting While Waiting in the Place of Unknown

Thank God, He knows us better than any other.

Thank God, He knows what we can handle, and what we can’t.

Thank God, He knows our hearts, our minds, and still loves us just the same.

Thank God, He doesn’t expect us to “figure it all out”…

Have you ever found yourself trying to figure it all out?

Maybe you didn’t even realize you had slipped into that?

The mind can grow weary so quickly…

Sometimes I find myself digging and digging, searching and searching, seeking and seeking….

And it’s good to seek. The Lord says that we will find Him when we seek Him wholeheartedly…..

But it says that we’ll find Him, not necessarily all the answers we are seeking. ?

The Lord reminded me this morning, the importance of “resting in the waiting and in the unknown” … He wants us to search, He wants us to seek, but He never wants us to lose that way of rest, that way of leaning on Him and saying,

“Father, even if I don’t get the understanding, the answers, the clarity that I am searching for, I will trust You, and I will remember that You know all things, and You so wisely know how to handle all the answers, the mysteries, the unknowns…

I can rest upon You in the unknown. I can rest upon You while I don’t know, and when I don’t understand.”

Thank You for these reminders, Lord. ?

-Heather ?

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