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2.24.2020 – Parts to Play ?

Me: “God, what are You doing? I want to see You in this…I don’t understand…but I know You’re up to something…”

And it’s just like I see Him “smile” (if that’s possible to see without really seeing)…. this knowing, loving, joyful, “don’t you worry” kind of smile. ??

A smile that says, “I’ve got this.” ?

A smile that says, “All these things that are completely out of your hands? They’re in Mine. All of the things that are outside of your control? Just trust Me. There is no need to ever worry. I am working. Yes, you have your part, but I also have Mine.” ?

It amazes me how God does things. ?

How He pulls the pieces together.

How He orchestrates.

How He stirs.

How He aligns.

How He moves.

How He puts things —pieces, parts, rolesresponsibilities within each of us.

Unique parts to play within His story.

All He needs is our “yes” and our willing hearts, our teachable spirits, and our trust.

He has given us our very own parts to play. ?

But He also has a part, a part that only belongs to Him.

The things that only He can do. ☀️

But I also love that He turns us loose, that He gives us things, that in a sense…

Only we can do. ??‍♀️


He wants to see us grow and flourish. ?

He’s preparing us now, for eternity. ?

Thank You, Lord, for allowing us take part –each in such a unique way.

You love us in such a way, that allows us to grow, and gives us opportunity to flourish. ??

-Heather ?

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