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2.25.2020 – Learning How to Swim

Were you the kid who stood at the edge of the swimming pool, trying to muster up enough courage to “jump in” and learn how to swim?

Or were you the adventurous kid who just ran and jumped right in?

I was the kid who stood at the edge, trying to imagine what swimming would be like, asking everyone exactly what I might could expect, what the water would feel like, practicing in my mind how to move my arms and legs so that I wouldn’t sink, and then before I knew it I would be so overcome with worry and fear that I’d chicken out, all together. ??‍♀️

But I’m noticing that God has this way of “working me” up to something —that edge, and sometimes He’ll let me spend a little time there at the edge. Thinking about whatever it is that could be right before me, wondering what He will do, what He’s leading me into…

But then before I know it I often find myself being “swept right in” –right into whatever it is the Lord wants me to jump into.

Has that ever happened to you?

Before you know it, before you have too much time to overthink about it, you’re doing something that’s completely outside of your comfort zone, and you don’t know how you got to that place, and you certainly don’t know how you’re in the pool…learning to swim.

Yes, learning to swim. ??‍♀️?

How else am I going to learn how to swim, unless I find myself in the water experiencing what it’s like to be there in that place?

It’s from that place, in the water, that I can begin to learn how to swim.

But He’s gotta get me into that water before I can truly begin to learn to swim.

Thank You, Father, for the way You know me, for knowing how to nudge me into that place where I hardly even realize I’m actually “jumping in”….sometimes it’s more like being “swept in” haha it doesn’t always happen that way, but sometimes it does, especially when I am dealing with the things that scare me the most. You just have this way of helping me through and getting me in place. You know my heart, Lord. I’m thankful for the way You help me and teach me and guide me.

-Heather ?

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