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2.28.2020 – Refreshment to my Soul

Writing in my journal feels like taking a “deep breath” and then slowly letting it back out. ?

Writing to my Heavenly Father, and writing with Him, is such a wonderful time of refreshment to my soul. ?☀️

Never does it feel forced or pressured, but more like something I crave.

This morning as I sat down with Him, I heard this question come to mind, I almost didn’t write it down, but I heard it again…

“What am I going to learn from this ‘thing’ I’m going through right now…

…that, not only will help me through the rest of my life, but will perhaps also be an encouragement and a help to someone else who could be walking through the same thing in their own life?”

I had a sense that the Lord is wanting me to take on this perspective, to ponder this question as I face these “things” in my life, as I walk through them alongside Him.

Realizing that as I walk through these life challenges, with the Lord, He’s going to teach me things that are going to be so unique and valuable, that perhaps they could be of value beyond just me. Perhaps they could be all worth it.

He has a way of “making it all worth it” doesn’t He? ✨

He has a way of “making it all beautiful” doesn’t He? ??

Then I asked the Lord for a verse this morning, and I heard, “Proverbs 14:11” so I went there to see what it was…

“The house of the wicked will be overthrown, but the tent of the righteous will flourish.”

And a note in my bible says,

“‘Flourish’ means literally to “sprout” — growing with new life.” ???

Thank You for these times with You each morning, Lord.

I cherish them so. ?

“…for I will refresh the weary soul and replenish all who are weak.”

– Jeremiah 31:25

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “2.28.2020 – Refreshment to my Soul

  1. Oh dearest Heather, I am one benefiting from the journey you are on. I too suffer from autoimmune illnesses. Also one wayward child and I’m 60 raising a 12 year old. Ha! Your journal writings inspire me every morning. The Bible verses you use take me on my on journey. It’s just amazing how whatever the Lord has given you to write finds such significance in my life. I love how he does that for me?❤? Know matter how low and discouraged I feel, I’m joyful to get my email, LifeintheSecretPlace. May God shower you with his richest blessings, grace, mercy, and most powerful love!

    1. Oh Nikki, thank you for sharing this with me! It encourates me so, and it is another way the Lord is letting me know I am going in the right direction, especially on the days when I feel like “what’s the use?” or “does it even matter?” Bless you, Nikki! ?

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