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3.2.2020 – Winds of Change


Have you ever gone through the kind of “change” that feels kind of like you’re being swept up in a whirlwind, knowing you really don’t have much control over where you land?

It feels like there’s really nothing you can do but just “hang on” for the ride and see where it takes me…

Do you know what I mean?

Then there’s the kind of “change” that we can make ourselves, out of our own will, perhaps out of discipline… things like eating cleaner, exercise, being organized, doing all the things we should do…

But there’s the kind of “change” that sort of just “happens” to us — like a powerful wind that sweeps us up, moving things around….completely outside of our reach of control.

There’s something within me that has this strange suspicion about these kinds of “winds of change”…

I have this strange suspicion that God is either using these intense winds to change, or to carry, or that He’s even behind it all. This kind of change that is far beyond my control…

Perhaps He’s taking me somewhere that I couldn’t take myself with my own two feet…. but with these “winds of change”…. He’s making it possible?

He can use the pain in our lives, He can use the challenges, He can use the struggles, He can even use the attempts of the enemy….. He can use the things we face and deal with in our lives.

What if part of these “winds of change” not only change things around in our lives, change up the daily routine, change up the scenery, but the winds also “shape us” as human beings too?

What am I even saying right now? I’m honestly not even really sure. ?

But when I look at myself, and I look at my life, and suddenly I feel like I’ve been in a “whirlwind” and my hair is a mess, I see these wrinkles all over my face, and then suddenly things in my life just don’t look the same anymore….and then suddenly, “you know you’re not in Kansas anymore…”

You know these “winds of change” have carried you there.

So that’s where I’m at today. This challenging realization that things have changed, that things are changing rapidly, and there’s this intense uncertainty of what’s ahead.

Perhaps the Lord is changing things up a bit.

I suppose I just need to hang on to Him and go with it, see where He takes me. ?

I don’t really know what He’s up to, I don’t know what’s ahead, but I’m starting to see some evidence of this “change” in my life, and I’m realizing that these kinds of changes have the potential of destroying me if I attempt to hang on to the old, if I attempt to kick and scream about it…

But these winds of change have the potential of moving me, changing me, chiseling away at me, shaping me, carrying me into something that God has in store for my life…

So I’m learning how to trust Him more deeply in the midst of uncertainty.

I’m learning to let go of what’s familiar, and what’s comfortable, and I’m trusting Him to carry me, and to plop me back down at the place where I can hit the ground running again. ??‍♀️

Wow, who knew I would be writing about this topic this morning. I sure didn’t! ?

Thank You, Lord. Thank You for carrying me. ?

-Heather ?

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