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3.6.2020 – “Paint with Water”

I spent some time going back through my dream journal this morning.

Every now and then I’ll feel prompted to browse back through, looking at certain dreams, looking back over the ones I was able to figure out, and the ones that still remain a mystery to me.

I write them all down. Even the ones that seem to be meaningless. For me, it’s what the Lord is leading me to do. He’s teaching me things from it all.

It’s funny how many times I’ll go back to some of them, and I’ll often discover something new that I never noticed before…. suddenly I can see the connection with something that’s either going on in my life or going on around me, or something that has happened within my life/ around me in the not too distant past.

The Holy Spirit has been leading me through quite a learning process over the last few years.

Sometimes my dreams will be extremely vivid, and they’ll be so strong that I’ll recall every single part as I wake up.

Other times, I’ll remember the smallest little piece, and I’ll find myself trying to “hang on” to that one piece until I can get to my journal to write it down…

I’m discovering that many times as I’m obedient to start writing that one little piece, the rest of the dream will begin “flow back” into my mind, little by little, piece by piece. Before I know it I’ve remembered the whole dream. ? ✨

It’s kind of like one of those “Paint with Water” books where you just take a paint brush, dip it in a little bit of water, and you paint over the picture, and then suddenly the colors that are “hidden” on the page begin to emerge. No paint is even needed, just water! And just like that –you can see the fully painted picture!

The Lord has been leading me though all of these kinds of things, teaching me in such a “trial and error” kind of way. ??

Goodness, it has been that way in so many situations of my life — trial and error learning. Learning what to do and what not to do — and most all of it comes from my own experience.

There’s something about dreams that makes me want to seek Him out even more –I don’t want to miss a single thing He’s wanting to say to me. I want to know and understand what He’s saying, what He’s showing me.

And guess what, He wants me to know what He’s saying to me too, even more than I do! But He’s also in charge of the timing of everything in my life. I may want all the answers “right now” but He’s aware of the bigger and broader picture. He knows how all the timing should fit into the timeline.

So I’m learning to trust Him better. I’m learning to remember to trust that He knows the right timing for understanding and revelation to come, and that all dream interpretation belongs to Him. He’s the one who gives these dreams in the first place!

He’s the one who’s teaching me and leading me into this. He’s teaching me at such a slow pace (or at least I think so) but I know I can trust Him to teach me, I don’t need to take myself into “frustration” or be pressured to “get it”.

Apparently He wants me to learn some lessons in patience, endurance, and secret keeping as well.

The clarity and answers may not come as quickly or as easily as we’d like, but they’ll come at the right time. We can trust Him to handle that part. ?

You know, now that I think of it. Those “Paint With Water” books seem to apply to life as a whole….. you have water, you paint some, you start to see the picture… then you get some more water, you paint some more, you begin to see more and more. ☀️Until at the end, you can see the fully painted picture.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” -Jeremiah 29:13

“Those who know your name trust in you,
for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.” -Psalm 9:10

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “3.6.2020 – “Paint with Water”

  1. I do not know how to interpret my dreams. The last one, I was observing n I saw Jesus standing in white with arms outstretched. A light was shining

    on him. I was in a fetal position on the ground. Clouds were passing over, mostly gray, but then a blue sunny sky opened, then passed. Do you know what this means?

    1. Hello Nikki! Wow! That’s a beautiful dream! Did the Lord give you any idea of what you think it may mean? I’m not sure what this “fetal position” means to you, if you were in this position because of fear, or if it was more of a place of “comfort” … but either way, it can be a “place of development” — what do you think of when you think of being in this “fetal position”? That would say a lot. That’s very exciting that these clouds were passing over, these grey skies… but then that blue, sunny sky “opened” up to you! Sounds like something could be opening up for you from heaven, in your journey that He’s wanting you to see! And through it all…Jesus is with you, He sees you, His arms are open and outstretched to you, and He is a light to you! Sounds like He may be trying to get your attention to show you that these sunny blue skies are opening up in your life, the cloudy days have passed! But that’s just what I think of!

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