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3.11.2020 – Fresh Hope

This morning, I am filled with so. much. hope. ?

For almost a year now, I’ve been dealing with some health issues that have seemed to slowly build up and worsen over time.

These health issues have made it a challenge to do the things I need to do.

It’s been a challenge to do my work, to travel, to have the energy and strength I need for just normal daily things. Recently a new issue came up in the last 2 months that has been affecting my eyes, making it a challenge when I do professional photography for a living –it even makes it hard to work at a computer screen to edit or to write for any length of time.

Many of the symptoms have made it even more of a challenge to face my fears.

I’ve been pushing through as best I can, as folks have prayed for me, the words and the pictures from the Lord have so encouraged me in the time of waiting in the unknown.

Even though the lessons in laying everything down to just rest and wait have been good for me to learn, this whole thing has been a hindrance, and I’ve been more than ready to figure everything out and then put it all behind me so that I can keep moving forward. I’ve got too much to do! I’m only 34 and I need to be whole and well to continue living my life!

I’m thankful though, that God can even use these kinds of “hindrances” in our stories. ?

Yesterday as we met with a doctor, some discoveries were made. Some patterns were found. They believe they can fix me. I believe they can fix me. Really, the whole pathway to this particular kind of doctor is all God.

His perfect plan in His perfect timing.

Today I am encouraged and hopeful that a drastic change is right around the corner. Hopefully only a few days away…

Until then, it sure is encouraging and wonderful to live filled with a fresh, new hope. ?☀️?

Thank You, Father. ?☀️

-Heather ?

4 thoughts on “3.11.2020 – Fresh Hope

  1. Prayers answered for sure. I myself , have been dealing with many hardships the past four years. I have been treated for cancer, had to watch my mother suffer for over a month in the hospital and make the decision to let her go. Now I’m going through the same with my father. I thank God everyday for a new day but I’m slowing losing my strength to deal with all this right now. Reading your prayers for a new spring has given me some needed strength. Thank you and prayers for your recovery

    1. Hello Cindy – Thank you so much for writing, and for sharing some of what you’re going through with me. I’m so sorry that you’re having to go through this, but I have no doubt that all of this hardship is creating something so beautiful within you, and in heaven for you… it might be unseen right now, but none of it will be put to waste! He is making something beautiful out of the suffering. Aren’t you so thankful that it’s all only temporary? Goodness, I sure am. I’m so glad that the prayers in the article have encouraged you. I know that has to be the Lord infusing you with everything that you need. Bless you, Cindy! I pray that as you endure through these hardships, that you’ll get to encounter such a closeness with the Lord, and that His presence will surround you and cover you… soothing you with His peace and His cmfort as you endure. ? – Heather

  2. I’m so happy and thankful for your wonderful news Heather?❤? You are such a loving and encouraging person and have brought me so much closer to Jesus. I’m just thrilled that you found the right doctor. That’s half the battle and to get even better news is truly a miracle. My God continue to pour his love and grace upon you and your family and I am praying for you?❤? Praise Jesus!!!

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