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3.21.2020 – “Alignment”

The word, “alignment” has been on my mind a lot lately.

As I sit here before the Lord this morning, it keeps coming to mind….

And honestly, I sort of brushed it off at first, because I assumed that it had just been on my mind because of the process I’m going through to get my spine into “alignment” in my own life right now.

It’s something that has suddenly consumed my life at the moment, and that’s okay because I need take this time to recover and become well.

But this morning as this word, “alignment” kept coming to mind before the Lord, suddenly I had a thought…

“God…are You bringing Your Church…. into ‘alignment’ right now? Is that part of what You are doing in the midst of all that is going on in the world right now? Is this part of what You have in Your heart for the Church right now? Is this what You’re doing, what You’re working into place?”

So I looked up the general definition of the word, “alignment” and it’s this:

  1. arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions.
    • the act of aligning parts of a machine.
    • the route or course of a road or railroad.
  2. a position of agreement or alliance.

Huh… ?

I’m learning a lot right now, within my own body, what it means to be in “alignment” and what it means to be “out of alignment” and how it can affect my health and overall well-being. It can affect so many things that I was completely unaware of –overall strength and ability, the mind, the function of organs and nerves and muscles…vision… it affects everything.

And when the body is out of “alignment” it can’t function properly.


Could it be, that God is doing what needs to be done, to put His church body, back into proper “alignment” right now?

I’m discovering that getting into “alignment” and staying there, is not a painless, easy process, and it’s not necessarily a “quick” process…

But when the body is put into “alignment” it begins to be able to heal.

The body begins to restructure and reform all the muscles and tendons, and all the stuff that has been shaped all wrong, functioning all wrong… because of a “misalignment” in the bone structure.

When the body is in proper alignment, it begins to be able to function properly.

Isn’t that interesting?

God, are You wanting to bring the church into “alignment”? I believe that You are… so God, I pray, that You’ll continue to do what needs to be done to bring us into “alignment” as a church body, as believers in Christ. Take us through the necessary process to fix what’s not working! That You would do what needs to be done, that You’ll move things around to fix our structure, and that You’ll help everything else to fall into place so that we can become healthy, and well…. revived and strengthened, and able to function as You designed Your church body to function in this moment in time!

Thank You, Lord!

-Heather ?

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