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3.22.2020 – God is in the Midst

“God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her at the dawn of the morning.” – Psalm 46:5

We can trust that God is doing something incredibly amazing in the midst of all the chaos in the world right now.

He’s leading us somewhere, He’s taking us into the new.

He’s shaking things up, He’s shifting things around.

He’s searching hearts, He’s drawing us close.

He’s answering our prayers for revival and awakening….

But it may look a bit different than we expected.

It may be leading in a bit differently than we thought.

He’s always working things out in such an unexpected way, isn’t He?

He’s so “outside of the box.”

He’s always taking an attempt of the enemy and turning it around for our good, isn’t He?

He’s always making a way for an opportunity for us to draw near to Him, to trust Him, to know Him and experience Him as Savior.

Thank You, Father. No matter how things may seem all around us, we can trust that You are the same good Father, and You are the same wonderful Savior….You love us just the same as always. Help us to see from Your perspective. Infuse us with the faith to be able to trust wholeheartedly. That we may wait upon You with anticipation, excitement, and within Your perfect peace.

You are in our midst. ✨We shall not be moved. ?

-Heather ?

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