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3.26.2020 – Time of Preparation, Renewal, and Hope

I’ve been thinking a lot about gardening lately, as we’re building some new raised beds, and getting seeds started, and preparing the land.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about flowering trees, specifically flowering “fruit” trees.

I have a tiny little patio peach tree that’s pretty much just a branch, and to my surprise it has already bloomed this year! Right now the whole thing is covered in the most beautiful pink blooms… I wasn’t expecting that (honestly I haven’t done a tone of research on how to care for them yet…oops — guess I’m doing okay so far!)

I can’t help but notice that in the midst of all that is happening in the world right now, in the midst of all of the trials and all of the fear and all of the hardship that we, as a world, are facing right now…

In the midst of this time….

We’ve just entered into Spring. ?☀️

Spring is a time of (and a message of) “renewal, a time of refreshing, a time of clearing away the dead, a time of blossoming, a time of blessing, a time of beauty, a time of preparation, and a time of hope…

Spring is a time of “blossoming” and “flourishing” which leads into “a time of fruitfulness.”

Do you think that God could want to use this season to show us some things? To remind us of some things? To prepare us for some things?

I do.

I believe there are messages “hidden” in His creation, if we ask Him for the eyes to see it, there is much to be revealed.

He’s placed it all all right there for us to experience, to live, and to see. It’s all right there in His creation to remind us, sometimes to warn us, to speak something to us…but most of all, to remind us of the hope we get to have in Christ. It’s everywhere. ?

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” —Psalm 51:10

Thank You, Father. There is always a message of hope for us to see. Help us to see it, God. Help us to be reminded of the things You want us to be reminded of. Thank You for this time of preparation, this time of refresh, a time of renewal…

…a time to be reminded of the hope we have in You. ?☀️

-Heather ?

2 thoughts on “3.26.2020 – Time of Preparation, Renewal, and Hope

    1. Amen! Me as well, that has been my prayer this morning too. Bless you, Jane! May you be given that increased sensitivity to hear Him and experience Him in such a way that will bring you into a deep awe and wonder of Him! – Heather

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