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4.14.2020 – “What’s next?”… “What’s ‘now’?”

I often find myself wondering,

“What’s next, God? What’s coming? What’s ahead? What are You going to do?”

And every time I find myself starting to dwell on that, He seems to bring me right back to,

“What’s ‘now’?” What’s ‘right now’?”

He takes my eyes and my heart back to what He’s doing right now.

Just because we can’t see Him moving in a way that we’d like to see, just because we’re in the valley and it’s hard —it doesn’t mean He’s not doing incredible things “right now”… because He is. ?

God, I’m thankful for what You’re doing right now—right now in me, right now in the world. Sure, I’m looking ahead to more glorious days, but I thank You for what You’re doing right now, because I know that whatever it is that You are doing, is a very important part of the story, and I trust You. ?

-Heather ?

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