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5.8.2020 – Lessons in Creation

As I sit with my pen and my journal, I begin writing my heart to the Lord, reflecting, knowing He’s there, aware of His presence…

And as I begin documenting the day, opening up my heart, suddenly He stops me with this question to ponder…

“Are a butterfly’s wings strong enough to fly as it first emerges from the cocoon?”

Knowing it was the Lord, because I had definitely not been thinking about butterflies in that moment, I had to smile, and I said… “That’s an interesting question, Lord. I think I’ll google it… “

So here it is, according to google:

“Can butterflies fly immediately after emerging from their chrysalis?”

Answer: “Through the chrysalis, you can now see the orange and black wings of the monarch butterfly. … Right now, this monarch is extremely vulnerable to predators because it is not yet able to fly. About one hour after emerging from its chrysalis, the monarch’s wings are full-sized, dry, and ready for flying.”

Another google search says,

“When butterflies first emerge from their chrysalis, their wings are wet and wrinkled. This occurs due to the tight space of the chrysalis when the caterpillar is metamorphosing. After hatching, the butterfly hangs upside down, flapping its wings to straighten and dry them. The pumping action helps blood flow through the wings, too. It takes about a day for the wings to fully harden, though the butterflies may be flying within an hour or two.”

So the answer is, no. The butterfly is actually quite weak and vulnerable as it first emerges from its cocoon.

It takes a little time, for the brand new butterfly to gain enough strength in its wings before it can take flight.

This really spoke something to me…

When a brand new butterfly emerges, its wings are actually soft and tender– even after the struggle through the cocoon, and the strengthening that comes from that stage, the butterfly is still quite weak and vulnerable. But with the flapping of its wings, and a little bit of time, its wings gain strength, and the butterfly is then able to fly.

Then as that thought was wrapping up, I heard this one…

“Does a brand new sprout produce fruit?”

No, it sure doesn’t. But with care and time and building of strength, yes—it will.

I think the Lord is wanting me to understand something about struggle and process, determination, and also perhaps… patience.

And I think He also wants me to see, that He sees us when we’re in a place of “weakness” and “struggle” and “vulnerability” — He’s aware, and He knows and understands that it’s built in as part of the process that prepares us for what our lives have in store for us, what He has in store for us. He allows certain things to happen within our process for a purpose, and because He loves us.

Thank You for Your way, God. ?And thank You for all of the lessons You’ve prepared for us to see and grasp within creation. I love that about You!

-Heather ?

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