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5.14.2020 – What if that “bad situation” never happened?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

What if that “bad situation” never happened?
How would it affect all the other parts of my story?”

When I look at the events in my life,

when I look at what God did,

when I look at how God brought me through,

when I look at the pain, when I look at the healing, when I look at what that “bad situation” has done in me, through me, around me…

Would I go back and take that “bad situation” away, if I could?

Here’s the question: “Would God?

When things happen to us that cause us pain, when something that happens in our lives takes us into the valley for a little while, have you ever asked God…

“Why didn’t You stop this from happening, God? Why didn’t You take the pain away? Why didn’t You…..?” “God it would have been so much better and easier if You would have just stopped that from happening…You could have so easily stopped it, God!”

We all have pondered that in one way or another. ?

I remember last year when I slipped and fell…

Right before I fell, I had literally just been praising God because we were out of coffee, money was super tight at the time, and I found some coffee in the camper, I had literally said, “….thank You, God!! Thank You, God!!”

*foot slips from right under me and down the steps I go*

The very next question I asked when I was there on the ground was,

“God, why didn’t You catch me? Why didn’t You send Your angels to keep me from slipping?” ?

Because it sure felt like He was SO right there with me in that moment that I was talking with Him, right as I fell.

And He was. ?He was right there. But why didn’t He stop it from happening?

If I hadn’t of fell, it sure would have kept me from a lot of trouble, it sure would have kept me from a lot of struggle and hardship, all kinds of times of uncertainty, all kinds of pain, and just all kinds of life disruptions from then until now, wouldn’t it?

But what if God knew (and saw) something more than I did in that moment.

What if God saw further beyond the circumstance, what if He saw the good part of the “cause and effect” and that perhaps the “good” that He planned to do with that “bad situation” was far beyond the “bad?

How easy we forget, that He knows what He’s doing, and He realizes what all “cause and effect” will do in our lives.

He’s aware. He knows. He’s got good plans… ?☀️?

Whether it be something we do that causes an “effect” or something that happens to us that’s completely out of our control.

He can already see all of that, can’t He? ✨

What if that “bad situation” never happened?

Here’s one:

What if Jesus had never died on the cross? What if He didn’t go through all of that pain? ??☀️

Thank You, Father. You know what You’re doing, and when things happen in our lives that are far beyond our control, and we just don’t understand “Why You ‘didn’t'”……. we can know that “what You did” allow to happen, was for the good, because You can see the good, and You know what the “cause and effect” could be when we take hold of Your hand, and say,

“Whatever may come, whatever You lead me through, I will trust You, and I will praise You through it all. You have good plans in Your heart for me.”

-Heather ?

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