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5.19.2020 – Thoughts and notes about life lessons…

This morning I am filled with “awe and wonder”…. I like to refer to it as being all “sparkly” ?✨

I’ve been sitting for a little while, reflecting on a couple of dreams I had last night, and one of them was perhaps, one of the most beautiful and interesting dreams I’ve ever had. ☀️? This dream “did something in me”….

The dream is not for me to write about on here today, but my heart is so wrapped around it this morning, I think it’s about all I could write about today. ✍??

The dreams are starting to come back again, and I’m waking up and digging into my dream journal and I’m searching all the symbols in my notes and my Biblical dream symbols dictionary. I get kind of like a kid on Christmas morning… ?

I’ll be honest, the excitement and hunger to search out my dreams had faded for a little while, and I didn’t understand where it had gone and why, at least until the Lord made me realize that I had quit searching out what He had given me because of frustration and feeling kind of like, “I’m no good at this anyway” (….. and it’s never about being ‘good’ at anything)… Just lies I had started believing. But after this realization, lately I can feel it coming back again.✨

I’ve been thinking about the “hunger” and “desire” that we find and discover happening within ourselves….. and “where does it come from?”

I don’t believe that kind of “hunger” can be worked up. I believe it comes from the Lord, and He places it there, and it gives that level of excitement, and that deep “awe and the wonder” that keeps us searching and completely giddy about seeking Him, and His ways, and His heart…

…and His mysteries. ✨

But…. I am finding that obedience plays a huge part, and stewarding what He does give us —even if it’s seemingly “small” or seemingly “unimportant.”

I believe the stewarding of the “small things” leads to so much more.

I’ve found that when I don’t appreciate or value and seek out what He does give me—if I just toss them to the side and deem them as “unimportant” and I become unappreciative and unfaithful, then I usually find that it doesn’t seem to lead to ‘more’— sometimes it even leads to certain things going away for a little while.

But I also think it’s important for me to remember to ask Him for the kind of “hunger” and “desire” that can only come from Him. ?✨

…at least this is what I’m discovering in my own life, from my own personal lessons.

Thank You, Lord. Help me to be a good steward, thank You for the hunger and the desire You place within us.

“This is how one should regard us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.” —1 Corinthians 4:1

-Heather ?

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