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5.20.2020 – “What have you learned?”

This morning I have found myself reflecting on the last couple of months…

As things begin to open back up, all the things that were put on hold, things that were temporarily shut down—as they begin to open back up and return to “life”… I just hear this question in my heart, and it’s this:

“What have you learned in this time?”

As I ponder this question, I can’t help but take note of how the Lord teaches me lessons through the “natural” to help me to gain a deeper understanding of what it is He is doing in me, and perhaps around me.

If there were a “lesson theme” for the month of February till now, for me, it would have to be the lesson of “alignment” —what it means for the “body” to be “in” or “out of alignment”… and the “process” of the body “coming into alignment.”

The “rest” that is needed, and sometimes even “stillness” during the healing process. Doing less things in this time…

The importance of paying “attention” to be able to “discern” and know when I’m “out of alignment” —when things aren’t functioning properly, and I need to be adjusted back into “alignment” again….

The overall “health” and the “restoration” that comes with being in “alignment” and the “deterioration” and “destruction” to the whole “body” when it is “out” of “alignment” —especially over time.

The adjusting of the “muscles and the tendons” and the whole nervous system, and the restructure of the whole “body”—all of the “tension and malfunction” that comes when the spine is out of “alignment”… how the body can twist itself up and attempt to function in a way that leads to “death” and being “crippled” —and not “life.”

The “patience” that is required for the process…

The “stress management” that is needs to be learned for the process…

But when the “body” begins to come into “alignment” and remain in “alignment” and the “body” begins do a “reset” …beginning to be able to work and function as it should… the foundational spine and the brain communicating to the rest of the body, in a way that the “body can hear” now, there is “healing,” there is “restoration,” and there is more” life.”

This is what God has been doing in me, and happening physically over the last 3 months, which has been happening pretty much through this whole quarantine process.

And there is this funny feeling within me, that it’s such a huge thing He’s doing “spiritually” in us individually, and in the “body” as a whole.

There are so many more “lessons” within the main lesson too…

The fact that I had to go to the “doctor” for help…I couldn’t even see or realize what my root issue was in the beginning…

When something comes up in the natural, it’s like the Lord will show me what it also means spiritually for me, and also for the body of Christ.

Today, I go for a progress check at the chiropractor. I know I still have a little ways to go, but I have come a long way in the process…no matter how it may “seem” at times…

Today, our church is opening back up for our weekly prayer meetings, and Sunday the doors will open back up for Sunday services.

God, I wonder what You have next… ✍?☀️?

-Heather ?

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