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5.23.2020 – Encounters with His Heart ?

Have you ever had days…

When God just really “shows up” in your life…

And He does that thing where, almost unexpectedly, almost “out of the blue”, He lets you know that He knows…. in such a real and powerful and lovely way?

The Lord led me back through one of my journals from 2017, and I came to the pages of a day like that in my life….

And as I read the pages, I remembered how I felt in that moment, and I went back to that beautiful moment —a moment when I felt so “known” by Him, so “seen” by Him….. and I felt so completely and safely “broken open” by His love for me, in that moment. ✨

…as I read the pages of my journal from that day, it was like I felt it all over again. ??The love of God, the encouragement from His heart… and it’s like the fire from that encounter was set in my heart, once again, as I remembered that moment —and right now my heart is “sparkling” with awe and wonder… relishing in the reality of His love for me.

But how did God do this?

He used someone.

He used a person… a person who was faithful with what He gave them to share with me.

It was the kind of encounter that I did not “understand” in the moment, but something inside of me “knew”… because I felt it in such a powerful way. It was like I didn’t quite “get it”… but “I got it“…. ?

It was an encounter with the Lord that I will always remember. ✍??

Thank You, Father, for these beautiful, life-changing encounters with You. Thank You for taking me back through my journal to rediscover this moment. I long for more of these moments, Lord… those kinds of moments that You have in store for us, already there in Your heart for us. Thank You for using Your people to be a part of these kinds of things You do. Thank You for all the beautiful things You have in Your heart to write upon ours…and in just the perfect moment in time. ?

-Heather ?

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