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5.25.2020 – Vulnerability, Exposed

There are some situations that happen in life…

…that seem to make us feel more “exposed” than others.

Vulnerability is not an easy thing. It’s uncomfortable.

In fact, at times it can be one of the most terrifying things…

But there’s something relieving, something freeing… about our hearts being “exposed” and getting it over with, getting past the fear of the “threat” of it.

Especially when it’s before our Heavenly Father and we realize that we were safe in His presence, all along. ?

There is a “healing” and a “strengthening” that can come from being “exposed” in this place of vulnerability with Him.

There is a sense of… “Hey, I was just really exposed… and I’m okay. I’m still alive. I’m okay. I can do this.”

But the official definition of “vulnerability” is this:

“the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

While we are always safe in our vulnerability with the Lord, others many not treat us that way.

The truth is, yes, we could very well be attacked because of our vulnerability.

But, part of learning to live this life, is learning to live peacefully within that “threat” —knowing that we need not fear man, because our Heavenly Father asks us not to be…

“…And don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and will protect you. I, the LORD, have spoken!” —Jeremiah 1:9

I believe that part of the reason the Lord had me to start this blog was to help ease my once “self-protected”, highly-sensitive heart into the place of vulnerability—into the light —exposed. A place of allowing my Heavenly Father to do the protecting. ✨

Perhaps it was only a start, because I am still learning to live a life of “vulnerability” in the fullest way… developing a deep knowing, that I don’t need to fear man (opinions, ideas, concerns, misconceptions, rejections, criticisms, offenses, ‘what if they disapprove?’ etc)…

Why do I not need to fear these kinds of “threats”?

Because my Heavenly Father says so. ?He says not to fear ANY of that!

Thankfully, all of us who are living are still a work in progress. ?

Father, thank You for the work You are doing in me! I can trust You with my heart, and even when I face “threats” —I know I can trust You to protect me. I do not need to attempt to “protect myself” —help me to get that, to really get that, Lord… as they say, “write it upon my heart” ✍??Thank You, Lord.

-Heather ?

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