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5.29.2020 – “Always loved, forever redeemed.”

“Lord, how do I write about a morning like this?”

This morning as I came before the Lord, distractions immediately tried for my attention… but as soon as I pushed everything on my mind aside, turning to Him, I came into such a beautiful encounter with His heart. ?

He woke me up early this morning, it began with a verse He led me to… one that I have read many times, and yet something about it seemed especially relevant right now…

“Wake up! Open your eyes!

    Beautiful Zion, put on your majestic strength!
    Jerusalem, the sacred city,
    put on your glory garments!
    Never again will the unclean enter your gates!
 Arise and shake off your dust!
    Sit enthroned, Jerusalem!
    Break off your shackles of bondage from your neck,
    you captive daughter of Zion!” —Isaiah 52:1-2 TPT

And then it was like I had a moment where many things began to come together…. many pieces began to fit into place…. many of the things that have been frustrating me, hindering me….and all of the things God has spoken to me in my life….I felt all of it, and I took all of it and showed it to my Heavenly Father…

…and it was like I was this little child, and I lifted up my bandaids to show Him my wounds… and He saw, and He knew, and He cared.

He already knew, He already saw…. and yet something about this moment that we shared, was special and dear, close and tender… this beautiful “bonding moment” between us.

Then I felt the love from His heart, and it washed over me as I broke open before Him… weeping was like a combination of “pouring it all out” before Him, and “allowing His love to wash over me” like a soothing, calming rain.

This depth…. the pain of the wounds and the soothing of His love, I felt almost at the same time.

And it was like I felt what He wanted to do in my heart, what He is in the process of doing in my heart. And I felt so refreshed with hope. ?

I look to the bottom of the page in my brand new journal —this brand new season, and it says,

“Always loved, forever redeemed.”

Thank You, Father. ?

-Heather ?

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