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5.30.2020 – His Way is Beautiful

Yesterday evening, as I was about to settle down for the night, I had a feeling as I glanced out the window to see the weather… it seemed like there “could be a rainbow” out there….

…and then I looked and I saw the most faint piece of a rainbow in the corner of the sky…. ?

My dogs thought I was going crazy because I jumped up, grabbed my phone, and ran outside with them to take a look at the skies. ??

Once I got out there, I noticed the rainbow was very faint, and I thought,

“Oh no! I missed it…”

But then, as I walked around to find a spot where I could capture a photo this rainbow, it only began to shine brighter and brighter! ?

Why am I writing about a rainbow this morning? ?

I don’t really know, but what I do know, is that God used that rainbow to speak something deep to me last night…

He just has this way of making things so personal.

And the incredible thing is, He could use that same rainbow to speak a different promise to someone else at the same time…

He has this way of making sure we know just how personal He is with us, just how intricately He knows us…

He goes out of His way to show us just how much we’re on His heart, and how deeply He knows us and hears and sees our hearts.

He treasures us, you know? He cherishes us, and He’ll “go out of His way” to show us that, and to communicate that to our hearts. ??☀️✍?

Isn’t that amazing that the Creator of the Universe would think to do that for me? And for you?

His way is so beautiful. ?✨

His way of communication is so simple, and yet so “complex”…. and it’s very real.

He’s aware of what’s going on in your life—down to every tear.

Yes, He’s really speaking to you. He’s really going “above and beyond” and “out of His way” to show this (whatever it is) to you…

…just to let You know that He knows you through and through, and that He loves you through and through…

Just look around, He’s declaring His love for us, all over the place, in so many intricate ways… it’s all there for us to see and to realize, and to know.

How He loves us!

Thank You, Lord. ?

-Heather ?

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