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6.5.2020 – Not the ‘usual’ life…

Time in the garden always gets me thinking about life. ?☀️? This may be more of a vulnerable kind of post…

You know, when I was a little girl, I had an idea in my head of how my life should play out. It wasn’t so much a “dream” I had for my life, but more like just the way I assumed things would be.

As a little girl, I thought… if I made it to get married (and Jesus didn’t already come back, and of course, if I ever got over my shyness around boys!) I figured I’d be a stay at home mom, have a family, kids, subdivision life in a nice, comfortable house. Just like the way I grew up. All the normal stuff.

That’s what I thought my life would be like, in my “little girl mind”…

But when I look at my life now… I see how differently things have played out. How different my life is from what I had in my head as a little girl.

Yes, I did get married (miraculously) we have our own small business to both run—lots of hard work, lots of uncertainty (but worth every bit of it) and life definitely isn’t a “play it safe” kind of life. We don’t have kids, we have 2 blue heeler pups, a cat, and 8 chickens, a garden, a field to mow, and we live in a half-way renovated little house out in the country in the middle of a bunch of farmland. ??

And you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing. ?

Why? Because God wouldn’t change a thing. (And because I also wouldn’t change a thing.)

I couldn’t have “planned” it to be any better. ?

As I’ve started really living my life, I’ve realized that God didn’t call me and Jason to a ‘normal’ life.

There’s nothing wrong with normal –but what I mean is, He didn’t call us to a lot of the “usual things” many people have in their lives.

He didn’t promise us that we wouldn’t have a house that is a challenge to live in sometimes because we have splintery, unfinished floors for a little longer than expected, or have to deal with what people may think about us because we’ve never had kids.

Life is far more of an adventure than I ever expected it would be!

Why? That…I do not know…

…but I do know that He’s taken us to this place where we’re at, and I do know that He’s got good plans for our lives; He always does. ? And I know that God does a lot of things that are outside of the box, always for a good reason.

And I do know that He knows my heart, and I know that He cherishes my heart. ?

And I do know that He knows me… far, far better than I ever thought I knew myself. (Thank GOD somebody does! haha) ???

And I’m thankful that He always finishes what He started. ?✍?

So…just some thoughts while working in the garden… ?☀️

Thank You, Lord, for all that You’ve given me. Maybe as a little child, I would have liked to have a more “usual” kind of life…I might have preferred a more “safe and predictable” life… but You decided, knowing the real me—the me that You designed me to be… that I needed to have more of an “unusual” and unexpected life. And Lord, that’s okay with me, if that’s the way You wanted it to be. ?☀️

-Heather ?

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