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6.8.2020 – More like a page from my own story…

This morning, as I sat down, I felt a strange “distance” feeling as I opened up to the scriptures and reflected on my own heart, and thinking about the Lord’s heart and mine…

“What is this about, Lord? What’s going on?”

And then I flipped to—probably the most worn and tattered pages of my whole bible… Psalm 91. ?

…and in the very moment I turned to those pages, I felt such a tender closeness with the Lord— a sense of “togetherness” with Him. A sort of “looking back on all the memories” feeling, a flash of “all of the times He and I had spent time in this passage of scripture together.” ?

Memories of all the things we’ve walked through together…

This passage of scripture has become such a part of me, such a part of my life, and such a part of my relationship with the Lord. So much so, that is almost feels like it’s a “page out of my own story”… ?

…Because, now it is. ✨

Isn’t that something how a passage of scripture can be so written upon our hearts in this way? That a passage of ancient scripture can become more like a “memory” from our own lives?

He invites us into His Word, He invites us into His promises, and He invites us to allow Him to knit these promises and truths into our own lives, our own unique storylines —all part of His at the same time.

So as I look at these pages, I am reminded of His faithfulness. I am reminded of His goodness, I am reminded of the miraculous, transformative work that He does in me.

And I am reminded that He is right here with me.?

Thank You, Father. ?

-Heather ?

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