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6.10.2020 – “Voices” that Speak to “Identity”


I’ve been thinking about it this morning… and I’m really not sure why, but I’m just going with it…

When someone, or perhaps even a personality test says,

“You’re __(this or that, you’re this way or that way, this is who you are)___.”

These “voices” can come from anywhere or anyone, they can come from the best intentions, and they can come straight from the pit of hell —voices that tell us, attempting to convince us or perhaps they’re even attempting to “create us” by saying “this is who (I think) you are.

But there is a great danger in listening too intently to the opinion of a “voice” that attempts to speak “definition” to our identity.

“Who I am” cannot ever become about what someone else would like me to be or become, or their opinion of who I am, or who I am supposed to be.

“…Wait just a minute before I accept that….. let me ask my Creator if this is true or not…Let me check with Him to seek Him for a look into who He has created me to be, let me ask Him for a reminder of who He designed me to be and to be(come) as I walk in who I am, in Him.”

Why is it so easy to run with someone else’s opinion of us sometimes?

But the good news is, Jesus has made a way for us to be able to come straight to our Heavenly Father. ?We get to run to Him, and we get to sit in His presence and listen to His heart —and ALL of the other “voices” and opinions about “who I am” are nothing compared to His.

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.””—John 14:6

You “have permission” through Jesus, to come to the Father. ☀️You’re included. You’re invited. He made a way for you too. ?

And guess what? Our Heavenly Father never gets tired of us asking and seeking Him. It warms His heart, and brings Him great pleasure when we come knocking on the door of His heart. ?

Father God, “who I am” —my identity, is all up to You. Only YOUR opinion matters! You’re my Creator, and I get to run to You when I need reminding of who You’ve created me to be and who You’ve designed me to “grow into” ?? Help me to tune out any “voice” that attempts to speak definition to my identity, other than what You say and think about me. Thank You, Father.

-Heather ?

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