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6.11.2020 – Letting go of “my way”…

Have you ever tried to “put your thinking cap on” and “think real hard?”…..

And it didn’t seem to work?

Have you ever tried to “remember that thing on the tip of your tongue” and it doesn’t seem to return to you until you’ve let go of the attempt to remember?

I am learning that’s how things of the Lord are sometimes. ✨

The harder we attempt with our “own strength” and in our “own way,” the harder we land flat on our noses without anything.


Our “why”…

God cares about it.

He knows about it too…

God, I want to be emptied of all of the things I attempt to “have” of my own… all of my plans, all of my ideas, all of my own ways, all of my attempts to “come up with something”…. I let go of it ALL (help me to let go) because all of these things are nothing, they’re meaningless compared to what You have for me. ✨

Anything that I could ever “have” is worthless without what YOU have.

You only work one way, and that’s Your way because it’s the only true way, and there’s no other way….

No matter how any other “way” could ever seem work…

You love me too much to let me have things go “my own way”…

Sometimes I stop and realize that I’m still clinging to “my way” so tightly, that my fingers are going numb…. but there You are, lifting up my fingers, loosening each one at a time, so that I can learn to let it go.

And I asked You to do that, didn’t I Lord. ?

You’re writing Your way upon my heart. ?✍?

So thank You for the reminders this morning Lord. I can take what’s on my heart, and hand it over to You for fixing, and You show me what’s true, and I thank You for that, Father. ?Thank You for the lessons.

-Heather ?

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