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6.18.2020 – Part of the ‘Reason’ for the Struggle

This has been a “heart-to-heart” kind of morning…

I was just sitting here, talking with the Lord about some things on my heart —specifically some “things” that seem to be a hinderance in my life, things that have been brought into the light and realized. Things that don’t align with His way, and His truth, and His Word. Things that He must transform within me…

And tears came as I felt the frustration within my soul, and the desire to get past these “things” so that I can move into something new, so that I can get beyond some of these old “things”….things that quite honestly keep me too focused on “me”…

Then I was reminded of John 14:14,

“If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.”

And so I brought this “thing” that was on my heart to my Heavenly Father, and I cried out,

“Father! You say in Your Word that anything that I ask You in Your name, that according to Your will… you say You will “do it”… and Lord, I know it’s Your will, because it’s the desire of Your heart to see me through these kinds of things so that I can align with You! I so desperately need Your Word and Your truth and Your way to be written upon my heart in these areas! Forgive me for what I’ve clung to, wash away any kind of residue in my soul that doesn’t want to be washed clean. Will You write Your promise and Your reality and Your perspective upon My heart so that I can get past some of these “things” that hinder my life, things that keep me in a place of self-centeredness?”

….and then from within the stillness, I heard this:

“….what if… part of the reason for the struggle, is to really learn the lesson of it?”

And then suddenly my tears turned into a “lightness of soul” and I had to laugh, as I saw my struggle from quite a different perspective. ☀️

“What if it’s bigger than me? What if it’s beyond me? What if it’s more than just about ‘me’? Of course it is!”

And when He lifts me up, out of my own self-centeredness, I’m able to see and understand more clearly.

Only He can do things like this, only Him. ?✨

Thank You, Father. ?Thank You for turning my frustrating struggles into valuable lessons. And it’s “too late” for that struggle now… it’s already been brought into Your light. ??And You’re gonna do what You’ve promised, and You will write exactly what needs to be written upon my heart. ?

-Heather ?

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