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6.24.2020 – Just when I thought there wasn’t a doorway…

Left and right, I am seeing Jesus “make a way” when there “seemed to be no way”…

How He surprises me sometimes with His heavenly solutions… things I wouldn’t have ever considered from my own mind.

(You know, He thinks much bigger and broader than we do. ?☀️)

How I can forget that sometimes….

How in the world do I lose sight of that sometimes? Perhaps it’s because I get all caught up in what I can see with my physical eyes…

The enemy would like me to focus on the fact that I don’t “see any doors”… but the Lord is so good to remind me that He is “the way”… and not only is He “THE way” but He is also “the way” in so many situations within my life —in every situation or circumstance in my life, He is the way.

This morning is a short and sweet post, as I’m just feeling amazed at the doors He opens, just when I never even thought there was a “doorway” there…. He created one. He had one there for me.

And guess what? He will continue to make a way, with every step of my life.

I can trust in Him. It may not always be the way I would expect, and it certainly won’t be “my way” but He will make a way that only He can make.

“Blessed are those who put their trust in Him.”

Thank You, Lord. ??☀️

-Heather ?

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