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6.30.2020 – More and More Alive

Goodness, it just hit me that we are halfway through this year.

June has been quite an interesting month around planet earth. ?

My time at “34” is inching closer and closer to 35. Halfway to 40. ? Already got the white hairs to prove it! ?

In some ways I feel ancient— as if I’ve been around this old earth forever. Many different phases have happened in my life throughout these years…

But in most ways, I still feel—sometimes wonderfully, and sometimes painfully “brand new” like a little child.

There is still so much to learn…so much left to grasp, so much yet to overcome, so much yet to grow. ?

But even though I am getting older, and every day brings a “day that I’m older” in age, as I’m taking one step closer to my “end” of life as I’ve known it, here on earth…. the reality is…

…the “opposite” is happening inside.✨

In this journey with Jesus, the reality is…we are becoming more and more “alive” with each day in our journey with Him.

Even though my physical eyes may be growing older and older, and tireder and tireder—my vision a little more “fuzzy” than when I was younger, my “spiritual eyes” are growing sharper and sharper and the colors are becoming richer and deeper every day.

Do I get a little more worn from each day of living on this earth?

Perhaps in many ways. Though, the Lord often shows us ways we can have more “life” in our lives while here on earth, both physically and spiritually. But truly, we who are living are inching closer and closer to the reality of eternal life—like we can almost begin to reach out and touch it, as we become more and more “alive” and “aware” of what’s really real….

I love the lyrics of this song by Melanie Penn, thought I’d share it on here today…

“Every year and the next

It’s like a reverse effect

The older we get we become

More Alive”

Lord, thank You for all of the things You’ve worked out for this day! Help me to grasp and gain everything You have for me in this day that I’m living in, this day You’ve prepared for me to walk in.

-Heather ?

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