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7.3.2020 – Faithful Reminders

I’m so thankful for the reminders God gives us. ?

…reminders that so beautifully catch us off guard sometimes…

And other reminders are ones we’ve cried out for, ones we’ve been desperately longing for.

All of them come in the most perfect way, at the most perfect time. ?☀️

Wanted to share a beautiful reminder from Him this morning…

“One day…you’re going to look back at this time, and you’re going to be glad you just ‘kept on keeping on.'”

I actually looked up the phrase “keep on keeping on” to see how it’s typically described… ?

It means,

“To continue (some activity or life in general) as best as one can.”

Thank You, Lord. That’s what I’ll do. Thank You for Your grace that helps me do the things You’d have for me to do. ??☀️

-Heather ?

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