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7.4.2020 – When He Sets Things Right

God, I love when You set things right. ?✨








Our whole lives…

Think of a time when you realized… that something has somehow changed

“I was there, now I am here. But how?”

“I couldn’t stand this person, now I’m so grateful they’re in my life.”

“I once felt this way in my heart, but now it’s somehow different.”

“This memory once caused pain, but now these scars have purpose…”

“I once was blind, but now I see…”

“I was headed down a dark path, but now I can see the light ahead, on this path I’m on.”

“Life once seemed pointless and hopeless, and now I’m savoring every moment, and feeling excited for what’s ahead…”

It’s the miracle of the work that only He can do.

Something I cannot do for myself, something I cannot do in someone else.

Only He can. ⛈?⛅️?☀️

Jesus, thank You for the hope You give us, that our hearts and our lives may be so miraculously transformed.✨

You’re our only hope. ☀️

-Heather ?

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