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7.7.2020 – A Recipe for a Life of Adventure

I love how the Passion Translation opens up a whole new and fresh way to look at the scriptures.

I’d love to get a hard copy of this translation—and I have a feeling I would mark that thing up like crazy with all kinds of hearts and smilie faces and “bursts of light” from all the lightbulbs and scribbles I’d leave in the margins of the pages…

“Heather was here, and this is what happened!” ??✨

This morning I came to Psalm 86 in my reading this morning. I use the New King James Version, which I love. It’s so familiar and dear to me. But I decided to look up Psalm 86:11 in the Passion Translation this morning and I was completely blown away by the beauty of these words.

“Teach me more about you, how you work and how you move, so that I can walk onward in your truth until everything within me brings honor to your name.” —Psalm 86:11

To agree with this passage wholeheartedly… is quite a recipe for a life of adventure with the Lord. ?☀️

And I’m realizing it’s better not to “hang onto my seat” too tightly.

Ever seen a kid make an impression of “airplane wings” with their arms?

It’s better just to do that. ?

Thank You for letting me know You, Lord. Thank You for taking me with You, and transforming me on this journey.

-Heather ?

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