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7.15.2020 – Diarist, Recorder, Photographer…. Chronicler.

As I was reflecting on a few things this morning…

The Lord brought my attention to the introduction to the 1st Book of Chronicles.

In the intro it says,

“The word chronicles in Hebrew has the meaning of an ongoing account, almost like a journal or a diary, or minutes taken at a meeting.”

He reminded me this morning, that for some reason… it almost seems to come “naturally” for me to want to “chronicle” —or to keep a journal, a record, a diary, or notes of things that happen in my life or have happened in my life… to record some of the things I see in my life, and that I see or witness in some of the lives of others within my life, that I’m led to take note of.

Why? I do not know… but over the last few years, I’ve starting to believe it’s just something the Lord has put within me, because I’ve realized it’s been there as far back as I can remember, even as a tiny little girl who loved to sit with a “treasure” collection of pens and a note pad and practice writing things and taking notes like a secretary! haha

The word in the dictionary for “a person who writes a chronicle” is called a “scribe”… Sounds like such an ancient term, doesn’t it?

Writing things down feels like “my thing.” But why?

It’s my favorite and preferred way to communicate my deep thoughts in a complete way. To communicate verbally never feels good enough for me, it never feels satisfying because I struggle to put my words together in a way that truly conveys what I have on my heart to say. Though the Lord does love to nudge us out of our comfort zones, doesn’t He?

Taking notes is the way I remember things, because, somehow… taking notes helps to “ingrain” things in my mind.

I’m not satisfied listening to someone teach me something without having a pen and paper in hand.

I’m not satisfied with watching something historic happen without having my camera in hand.

I’m not satisfied with hearing someone share their story without having a way to somehow record it…

There’s something about a “pen and paper” that just feels “right” to me.

How I love the written word… to be able to pour back over it.

There’s something within me that feels driven to record, to document, to remember…

Perhaps that’s part of why I love documenting with a camera so much.

“Painting a picture” with words or with a camera… 📸

Isn’t it funny how we discover things about ourselves, and then we start to wonder… “Did God put that there? Has it always been there just waiting for me to discover? How is He wanting to use this thing that I’ve found within me?”

The funny thing is, I’ve never felt that I could just write anything, or that I’m skilled at writing on certain topics, or that I’m any kind of “writer”…

I am compelled to write in a way that conveys my heart about a matter, or about a person, or in a way that shares and documents what I see, and what I experience in the midst of a situation or place.

Giving an account…

Sharing a story…

Getting it written down…recorded.

Telling about…

Why does it matter? Because it does.

God did it for us, didn’t He? And I’m so thankful He did. 💖☀️

Father, I’m seeing and realizing that perhaps this is something that You built into my design. I love how You surprise us with things like this — You awaken these things in us, and it can be all kinds of things… and then You take us on a journey to show us how You planned these things within our lives that You knew all along…

Thank You for showing us how we belong to You, and how You make us and design us to be part of Your Story and Your purpose. ✍🏻💝

-Heather 🌺

4 thoughts on “7.15.2020 – Diarist, Recorder, Photographer…. Chronicler.

  1. Heather we have alot in common. Thank you for putting my thoughts in words. I have the same desire to write, but sometimes resist or get too busy. You put things in God’s perfect perspective through the holy spirit. I needed to hear this.

    1. Hello Carlette! Thanks for writing, it’s so great to connect with you! At times, especially when I first started blogging, I would deal with a lot of resistance, this happened a lot at the beginning, but there are times still that it does happen. I would feel the desire to write, and yet I would also feel this “why am I even doing this? What is the purpose? What is the point? What will people think? Will people think badly of me? Why do I have to be so vulnerable?” and every time I would push through…. God would show me that it was exactly what He wanted me to do. ? Bless you! Thank you for sharing your heart! – Heather

  2. I’m so thankful God has blessed you with this gift. I don’t think you can ever know just how much your writing, guiding me in prayer, has just allowed me to have a richer, closer relationship with Jesus.??✝️?? Thankyou?

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