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7.20.2020 – Dismantling these “Ticking Time Bombs”

Over the last few years, my life has felt like a time of constant “testing” — a journey of the revealing of things “hiding” deep within my heart.

You see, I asked the Lord to help me in dealing with my heart, I asked Him to help me and to transform me… and, boy has He taken me up on that!

(And on top of THAT, He’s asked me to write about many of these things, quite publicly! ? ? ? )

Since then, my life has become a journey of the “next thing” and the “next thing” and “the next thing”…. feels kind of like an “obstacle course” at times.

And I’ll be very honest with you…when I come to that “next thing” and it rises to the surface, and it comes out into the light… “there it is... this ugly thing that I don’t like to see there within my heart” …. It’s extremely painful, and it’s beyond messy.

It may seem easier to place these things in a box, lock that box, and bury that box as deep as I could, but out of His great love and His faithfulness, as a good Father… He’s not letting me get away with that anymore. ?

Instead, He’s taking me through all of these things because He knows how they can hinder my life. He can see the real “me” that He dreamed me to be, when I can’t.

And He knows how these weaknesses can cause death and destruction if they remain there, hiding undercover… like a “ticking time bomb.

So He reveals these “ticking time bombs” and He says,

“My daughter, we are going to face this thing together, and we are going to dismantle this ‘ticking time bomb’ that’s been hiding in there. Don’t be afraid, we are going to work through this thing together, so that it’s not a threat to your life with Me anymore. It will be painful, and it might be dangerous, but I’m right here with you, and I’m speaking truth into your heart, and I’m singing songs of deliverance over you, as we remove and dismantle these ‘ticking time bombs’.”

Oh how He will test us, and oh how He will chastise us…

And it’s because He is so good, and it’s because He is faithful, and because of His great love.

Be careful what you pray for…. ? ☺️☀️

When He starts taking you through “heart stuff” be prepared to see some things you don’t want to see about yourself.

But He does it because He’s good, and because He can see what we cannot see, and because He is working to redeem our lives and transform our hearts. ?

I’ve found myself listening to this song called “As I am” by Hillsong Young & Free quite a bit lately…

“All my regrets and my failures

All of my wrongs have been left at the cross

Now all that remains is the Father’s love


Oh Lord You take me as I am

Over and over You call me Yours again

You see it all still You want me

How You love me

How You love me

Your kindness and mercy remind me

How You love me

How You love me

As I am”

Thank You, Father. ? You allow things that sometimes cause us pain, and I squirm and flinch and whine and complain sometimes… but then I remember that it’s all because You love me… And even when I’m going through these times where I’m facing these “ugly” things within me that I don’t like to look at, I can remember that You see me as I am, and You love me as I am, and You are transforming me to become who I really am, in You.

-Heather ?

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