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7.24.2020 – Discovering more about God through Dreams ?

I love it when I wake up quickly from a dream, and it’s all so very clear and easy to recall.

And I get up, and I write it all down, and the symbols are especially simple and symbolic…

And when I write it down, and I look at all the pieces, it starts to paint a picture of a message of what God wants me to see, and know, and realize.

And I can see it… ✨

And I know that it’s something God intended for me to know, right now in this moment.

Of all the dreams that I have, it doesn’t usually happen this way! Most dreams that I have leave me puzzled, to be quite honest. Though, I’ll often wonder if I understand parts to them, and I’ll certainly write them down and ask God about them. Many times they could be for a later time…and they’ll remain a mystery for the time being.

It’s a learning process. He’s teaching me, and it usually takes time.

But when the dream is very clear to me, right away, I get so excited and giddy about it.

“I got it, I got it!”

…Kind of like a kid that just figured out a puzzle, and now they can see the picture. ?

To think that Almighty God would take the time to give us dreams— messages…and when we seek Him, when we ask Him to help us put the puzzle pieces together, He helps us to put it all together in a way that we can understand.

Dreams are an invitation to seek Him, to ask Him, to hunger and to wonder, and to press into Him…

I love discovering more of His character when I discover some of the things He’s showing me in my dreams. A dream from Him not only shows me more about my own life and my own heart, but it also shows me more about Him and His way of communication—His heart and His personality.

There is a quote that I have written down in my notebook, and I think it could be a quote from John Paul Jackson’s dream teachings, or some of it could be from James Goll’s dream teachings, but here it is,

Dreams: “An invitation to know more about Him by revealing something about you.”

I think that’s pretty neat. ?✨

Another note I wrote down in my notebook…

“Dreams are turning pictures into words (by the help of the Holy Spirit)”

(And I would add that to me, it’s like turning pictures into words, an interpretation, but then it’s like being able to see the full picture —like a finished puzzle in the end!)

“Dreams are clues to the symbolic nature of God”

God, I love getting to discover more about You! It brings me so much joy, more than I ever expected! Isn’t that wild? Father, thank You for inviting me. ?

-Heather ?

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