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7.27.2020 – “Noise Cancellation”

Did you know that “criticism” is the same as “condemnation”?

The definition of “criticism” is,

“the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes.”

“disapproval, fault-finding, denunciation, condemnation”

Perhaps we’re learning to hold our tongue when it comes to criticizing others…

but what about that “inner critic”?

Do we command that he be silenced? Or do we let him ramble away?

Do we allow ourselves to become desensitized to his remarks?

Do we welcome his remarks into our minds? Are we starting to agree with his accusations?

Have you ever felt like you had an all-out war going on inside of you?

The mind is where the “battlefield” is….and it can be noisy.

Speaking of “noise”… My husband got me these fancy, new wireless AirPods, and one of the features I LOVE about them is their “noice cancellation” ability. I don’t know how they do it, but I can select “noise cancellation” and it will take all of the background noise away so that I can hear what I’m wanting to hear in my headphones and not all of that other distracting stuff in the background.

I believe there are many of us who are dealing with the shouting accusations of the enemy right now; critical comments being unleashed in our minds, about others, and about ourselves. It can be so “noisy” at times that it can be downright disorienting.

This is my prayer this morning…

Father, I thank You that in the midst of a “chaotic war zone”… You are speaking. You often choose to speak in a still, small voice—a calm, quiet voice compared to all of the ones that are screaming for attention and recognition, but I know that Your voice is speaking the truth and the way through the darkness, in the midst of the lies and all of the criticism and confusion. Forgive me for giving ear to the wrong voices—ones that scream criticism about others and about who I am. Father, will You clear away confusion, will You “turn on the noice cancellation” and will You clear a way through every other distracting voice—making way for Your voice to be clearly heard and realized and understood and felt, and known.

For those of us who have felt as though we are, at times, “drowning in the confusion and chaos” within the battlefield of our minds, let every voice of the darkness be cancelled out and silenced in the midst of Yours! Turn down their volume, cancel out their noise, and bring clarity and precision to the words You are speaking over us.

May Your voice pierce through the chatter and the fog and the darkness, and may Your voice be the “loudest” in our hearts and minds!

Thank You, Lord!

-Heather ?

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