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7.28.2020 – He Restores Our Sight

Have you ever stopped and paid attention to the pictures and scenes that play in your mind… they often play so quickly and subtly that it’s easy to disregard them.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve started paying attention.

I’ve started realizing that this part of my mind is not meant to just be “shut down” in order to avoid the things I don’t want to see in my mind.

Do you know, that for most of my life, the things I’ve “seen” in there have been absolutely horrific, terrifying, embarrassing, humiliating, or they’ve been things that frighten me, even though they weren’t really scary… but I saw them as scary?

So do you know what I’ve done?

My whole life I have practiced ignoring all of those things, I’ve practiced attempting to completely shut down my imagination…and setting my mind on anything that might distract me, ANYTHING in attempt to avoid seeing the things I was seeing.

And the more fearful I was, the more I would see scenarios play out in my mind that would terrify me. The more messed up I was in my thinking the more I would see things that would terrorize me.

The more I would see things like, picturing there was an angel there in the room…(a glorious and wonderful and beautiful thing!) I saw as “frightening” and something I didn’t want to think about… in other words, I’d get spooked.

But over the last few years, the Lord has been reintroducing me to my minds-eye, and to my imagination. And He’s been taking me through a process in order to get there….

A process of transforming my heart and my mind… a purification process, for a purpose.

And then He started growing within me, a curiosity, and a hunger to discover who He really is…. it was a curiosity and a hunger that somehow grew to be far greater than any fear I had. ☀️

In the beginning of the curiosity though, the things I saw in my mind got worse, they got scarier, they became more humiliating, and do you know, it made me want to hide myself away and shut it all down again? (hmmm…isn’t that always the attempt of the enemy within my life?)

So as my relationship with my Heavenly Father started to grow, as I became not so afraid of Him, I began to talk with Him about all of it, to commune with Him. And He began to teach me how to deal with these things… even if it meant putting bible verses on my phone, and running to the restroom and declaring those verses over my mind when all of those pictures and thoughts would come and terrorize me.

Do you know that for the longest time, it didn’t seem to work?

But I didn’t stop... I kept doing the same thing and didn’t give up (even though I wanted to) …and do you know one day I realized all of that was gone? It was just gone…?

And in the place of all of those scary and horrific pictures and scenes I would see, I began to see things that God put in there for me to see.

And since that time, the Holy Spirit has been teaching me, and growing a hunger in me, to see and to take hold of the things that He wants me to see.

And I’m noticing, the more I pay attention to what I see, the more I’ll see and the more I’ll see, the deeper I’ll see, and the more often I’ll see….

It’s like God has been turning all of that around, and He’s bring my imagination back to life in the way He always intended it to be. ✨

The interesting thing is, I’ve noticed that most of the things that I really see are in my dreams, and the more I wake up and write them down, the more I’ll have dreams and the more I’m able to grasp and receive from those dreams when I talk with Him about them.

And the more I start to disregard the things I see, the more I ignore them, the less I’ll see. The same goes for dreams….

If I have a dream that I think “doesn’t matter” or is just too “off the wall” and I don’t write it down, I’ll start down a trail of having less dreams.

So I’ve made a commitment to the Lord that I’ll wake up and record any dream that I’ve had whenever I can remember and recall, whether I believe in that moment that it’s from Him or not. That’s why I put a lamp on my night stand with a dream journal and a pen there so I have no excuse! ?

Do you know that the Holy Spirit will teach you everything you need to know?

He will give you the most one-on-one and personalized lessons that you could possibly learn. ?☀️

And I’m realizing that we all learn uniquely and differently, and we all have to get “untwisted” from what we’ve been through and what we’ve done to ourselves… in different pathways, and in different timings.

And I’m realizing that we all “see” uniquely…. and there’s a reason for it.

Father, thank You for the work You are doing in me! How you’ve transformed my life, and how You are always still transforming my life! Thank You for taking me under Your wing and teaching me, and taking time with me. Thank You for turning it all around. ✨ Lord, bring me into perfect alignment with Your heart, and with Your dreams and with Your imagination and with Your desire! Continue to so purify my heart and mind, so that I can see in the way Your heart sees and perceives! There is a reason for it, and I’m still figuring all of that out… but I know You’re teaching me something and it’s for a purpose. Thank You for making a way for me to be able to see the truth, Lord Jesus!

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” – Matthew 5:8

-Heather ?

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