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8.3.2020 – The Inbox of our Hearts

If God had something He wanted to share with you, from His heart….

A message…

Would you like to know what it is? Would you like to hear it? Would you like to read it? ?

Would you want to hear what He has to say from His heart to yours?

If He had something to share with you… and it was something all wrapped up and had a label that said,

To: (You)

From: Your Heavenly Father

Would you like to open up this note from Him?

This “heart-to heart” message that He wants to share with you?

What if He had a note that is uniquely and specifically from Him to you?

…A message from the Creator of the Universe, just to you?

Well, He does. ??

 “My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me. —John 10:27

Lie: “Why would God want to speak to me? He must not be speaking… because I can’t hear Him. He must only speak to special people. (Mind made up)”

Does this kind of lie keep me from even listening for Him? Do these kinds of lies keep me from believing and receiving? Are they getting in the way? ?

Do I not even open my heart so that I’ll open up my ears?

I am learning that yes, sometimes things get in the way, and airway noise can make it harder to hear His heart, but I have to come to this place where I dare to listen, this place where I come to believe that He’s speaking to me, yes even me!

And when I am in the place of “listening for His voice” I know that even if I have to press in a little more to be able to hear Him, and even if I have to wait a little longer before I’ll tune in, I am positioning myself to be able to hear and recognize what He’s saying from His heart to mine. And He will be faithful to help me to hear what He wants me to hear. I’ve got my antenna up, and I’m getting ready for my station to tune in.

If I can’t hear Him, I have to ask myself…

“Have I stopped listening? Have I started to believe that He’s not speaking to me at all?”

I believe He has something to “speak” to each one of us every day. Whether it be something we can hear in word form, something we see in His Word, something we see highlighted in creation, something we suddenly begin to understand clearly, something He gives us in a dream, something He speaks through someone else that resonates with our hearts….

If I listen for Him, I’ll begin to tune in… if I’m positioned to hear His heart, I’ll realize that He was sending a unique message straight to my heart, all along!

Have you ever stopped receiving emails for some reason…. and you know you usually get them each day…. but for some reason you didn’t receive any emails in your inbox today.

So you do some checking in the settings to see what the problem might be…. you dig in to find the problem…. and then when you find it and it’s fixed…. all of these messages start pouring into your inbox again…

…And they were being sent to you all along…. they just weren’t being received because of a problem that needed to be repaired. ?

I’m learning that sometimes it can be like that.

But He never stopped sending messages from His heart to mine. ?

He never stopped calling. He never stopped sending messages of truth and encouragement and love from His heart to mine. ✍??

I am willing to come to the place where I am ready to hear Him? Where I am ready and willing to wait as long as it takes?

Am I positioned to receive and to hear what’s on His heart…. a message that’s addressed directly to my heart, written uniquely for me?

Thank You, Father. Thank You for showing me that You are speaking to me to, and not only are You speaking to “me” too, You are speaking to me in a way that is completely unique for this time, for my day, for this situation, for this person, perhaps for that person…

You have a daily message that is meant for each one of our hearts, and we are meant to receive it and hear these daily messages from You in new ways that maybe have not been seen and heard quite like anyone else before… so I’m determined to do my part to position myself so that I’m ready to listen and hear what You are saying. Even if it feels like I’m “daring to hear from You” I’m determined to dare past the lies. Clear out the things that keep me from being able to receive what You’re saying to me. You’re so faithful to teach me how to receive what You’re saying to my heart. Thank you for taking the time to teach me. How You surprise me sometimes with the things You speak to my heart. What a wonderful surprise—every time— when I realize how personalized You are, Lord!

-Heather ?

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