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8.4.2020 – He can do Wonders with His Brush ??

In the moment we take hold of His hand…

He begins to prepare, sanctify, purify, dedicate, and reserve us—to make us holy and consecrated for His purpose…

He takes us to a place of being “set apart”…

“designated or separated for a particular use.”

God’s ways are so far beyond our ways—He does things we never even considered possible.

He takes us to the place of living within the “unexpected”—a place of living far beyond what we could have ever dreamed life to be.

And when we get to the place of not being able to “see a way through”… when the path seems to go nowhere…

He illustrates the way. ✍??

When there doesn’t seem to be a way—it’s okay.

He makes it. He creates it.

He reveals the way as we keep stepping forward…. ? ✨✍?

And He knew all along…. ? He can already see what the finished painting will look like.

Our God can do things like that. ☀️✨

And He makes a way for us to walk the path.

And it won’t be mundane… it will always be extraordinary.

How He surprises us with His beautiful, out-of-this-world imagination… ?

Like an artist with a paint brush, He paints the path before us… and we get to see the path miraculously appear right before our feet, and right before our eyes… ✨

He can do wonders with that brush of His…. ???

Psalm 91:14-16 says,

The Lord says,
If you love me
    and truly know who I am
    I will rescue you
    and keep you safe.
15 When you are in trouble,
    call out to me.
I will answer and be there
    to protect and honor you.

16     You will live a long life
    and see my saving power.”

Thank You, Lord. ?

-Heather ?

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