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8.11.2020 – God’s Windows

I asked the Lord this morning, what He was speaking to my heart…

Because I knew that He was speaking….

But in that moment, my mind felt “cluttered” with distractions and all kinds of things bouncing around in there…

So I asked Him to help me to “zero in” on what it was that He was speaking to my heart. ?

…Suddenly I began to remember a dream I had in 2018.

And I started to see it play out in my mind again…

It’s interesting because the Lord has brought me back to this particular dream for different reasons and it’s seemed to “apply” in a couple of different “layers” of my life…but the thing He’s highlighting from this dream this morning kind of seems like a “new thing” that I haven’t really zeroed in on before…

It was a dream where I found myself in the corner of a room, and I saw a HUGE trap—kind of like a “bear trap” and it was covered in paint that was like “camouflage” paint, so it was like this trap was “hidden” in that corner… but I could see it… and then I looked to my right… I saw a window there on the wall.

The Lord used this dream to reveal what was going on in a particular situation I was going through in my life, but the thing the Lord showed me this morning from this dream, was something new, and it’s this…

Sometimes we come to places in life where it’s kind of like we’re in a “corner”… we feel “cornered”…

…and the enemy will often attempt to “trap us” there in that corner.

But God reminded me, that He makes a “window” for us, there in that corner, if we just look

…He will help us to see where He’s already created that window for us—and it’s right there.

A “window” where we can not only “escape being trapped in the corner” of the room…but it’s really more like “a window of opportunity” from that corner we’ve found ourselves “cornered” in.

He makes a way, and He gives us the ability to see the way He has made for us.

He takes a situation where we think we’re “cornered”…or He takes a situation where the enemy thinks he’s got us “trapped”… and He makes a way though a “window” that He creates from that situation.

And the enemy may have tried to trap us and hold us captive in that corner, but God is faithful to show us the way when there seems to be no other way. ☀️

He takes the attempts and schemes of the enemy and not only makes a way “through” for us, but He creates opportunity from those situations that we never even dreamed possible. ☀️

No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD.” —Isaiah 54:17

His ways are not like our ways. His way is higher!

““For my thoughts about mercy are not like your thoughts,
    and my ways are different from yours.
As high as the heavens are above the earth,
    so my ways and my thoughts are higher than yours.

10 “As the snow and rain that fall from heaven
    do not return until they have accomplished their purpose,
    soaking the earth and causing it to sprout with new life,
    providing seed to sow and bread to eat.
“—Isaiah 55:8-10 TPT

Thank You, Father. ?

-Heather ?

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