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8.13.2020 – When our hearts’ desire comes into alignment with His…

Have you ever had a moment, where you felt your heart come into alignment with a desire of His heart? ?

And you realize that this desire of His heart somehow became such a deep desire of your heart…

I had a moment like that this morning… ?☀️

I was talking with the Lord about some things, and first thing, I had to repent of a couple of things… but then after I went through that with Him, it was like something fresh and new began to just open up before me and within me this morning that I almost wasn’t expecting at first.

I turned in my bible and came to a word that was given to me from someone that I had stuck within the pages of my bible… and I remember when I initially read this word a year or so ago, I connected with a part of it, and it did resonate with my spirit, but to my mind and to my heart it seemed a little far fetched, it felt almost “distant” to me at the time, and so I have come back to this particular word periodically, and little by little, another piece of it will seem more “real” and more “possible” to me. I connect with it a little more, and it resonates with me more and more and more and deeper and deeper…

Well, this morning it was like I saw this word in a brand new and refreshed way, my eyes could “see it happening” in my life, and I could begin to feel the desire for these things growing in my heart, until it almost felt as it could burst!

And I knew in that moment, that my heart was coming into alignment with His heart, and His desires and plans for my life.

So in my journal, as I broke open before Him, I began to write down…

“I see it now. God, I’m ready for _______ and I’m ready for ______ and I now desire these things—I can feel my heart desiring the things that You have on Your heart! I can feel my heart coming into alignment, and I say “yes” and I receive this from Your heart. Help me to take the steps I need to take…”

And all we have to do in these moments is say, “Yes, Lord. Help me, Lord.” and He somehow takes it from there… and He continues His transformation process that only He can do.

After all, He somehow already took me from where I was to where I am now… ✨ From “not seeing it” then, to seeing it the way I can see it now…

He is the one who brought (and is bringing) my heart into alignment with His heart. That’s not a thing I am able to do… it’s what He does.

My response is to take the steps He has created for me to take…and to keep saying, “Yes, Lord. I trust You, Lord.” with each step.

How the relationship with Him grows and deepens….

And from that relationship, we find ourselves changing and deepening in our hearts… just from having a relationship with Him. Just from being with Him and spending time in His presence…

He writes upon our hearts. ✍? He changes our hearts. ❤️ He gives us sight.

And then He places an excitement within us, a joy that almost bursts from within us….and a drive—a hunger! And it’s like a “snowball effect”… it grows and grows and grows and it builds and builds as we keep on rolling along with Him. (That made me laugh a little bit from the cheesiness of it ? –oh well! Let it be cheesy, I don’t care. Maybe God likes “cheesy” ? )

Thank You, Lord. ?✨ What a treasure You are to me!

-Heather ?

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