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8.17.2020 – God’s Heart Language

This morning I’m sitting here completely blown away by what the Lord showed me in a VERY short and simple dream I had early this morning…

I had a very strong realization this morning… and even though I’ve been coming into this realization over the last couple of years, little by little, it’s a very strong realization within me this morning:

When we pay attention to the dreams we have, it opens up a whole new world to the way God can speak to us,

to the way He can reveal things to us,

to the way He can protect us by alerting us, by leading us into prayer, by showing us what to pray…

to the way He can work in our lives.

He reveals new ways that we can understand His heart language… ?✨

This morning I sat down with a very simple dream, a short dream…. and as I jumped into it and asked the Lord for revelation and understanding—I am completely blown away by the depth of what He has shown me, the way He used it to “zero me in” on something important He wanted me to see. I’m blown away by the pathway He’s taken me on to lead me to understanding that I needed to see and understand and realize this morning.

I asked Him for understanding, and boy did He clarify it to me!

Oh God, thank you!! ? You’re so good to open up things things to us that we need to be aware of!

For a long time, the Lord didn’t usually give me clear understanding of my dreams, but over time, and as I’ve written them down and as I continue pressing in…. He’s starting to let me see and understand more and more into my dreams.

And He’s starting to show me, more and more… how they apply to waking life…

And more and more, He’s amazing me as He shows me how He can speak to me in a kind of “heart to heart” language…through my dreams. ?✨

Thank You, Lord. ☀️ You’re so good to show us these incredible ways we can know You more! These incredible ways that we can align ourselves with You. These incredible ways we can learn about what’s on Your heart.

-Heather ?

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