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8.22.2020 – “Goo Gone”

Warning: If you can’t handle some cheesiness, then you may not want to read this. ?

Have you ever noticed and felt when a “twinge” of offense is trying to “stick” on you?

Offense feels “sticky”… sin feels “sticky”… and then we end up getting ourselves stuck on other things because of it being stuck on us…

It’s like the enemy tries to “stick” these “sticky” things on us—like sticky bubble gum…and it’s his plan and scheme, that we would get ourselves stuck, and then others stuck, and end up in a big, sticky mess.

Stuck in offense, stuck in fear, stuck in addiction, stuck in self-destruction, stuck in jealousy, stuck in pride…stuck in a big mess.

But God’s will for us is freedom…

To be freed, loosed, unstuck…to be cleansed from the things that can get us in a “sticky mess.”

And He wipes it all away—just like that— when we come to Him for cleansing.

Do you know what I just thought of ? (and you are going to laugh)…. ?

Goo Gone.

…Oh yes, I did. haha ?

But think about it….

Goo Gone “effortlessly removes sticky, gummy, gooey problems and cleans up stains and sticky messes.”

Goo Gone is known as a “cleaning miracle”….How in the world does that stuff remove the stickiness like it does?

That’s what Jesus does. ?

He cleanses us so good that He removes even the residue we never thought would ever, ever come off.

He washes us, cleanses us, and He removes all of the “leftover” from the “stickiness”—the “residue” from the sin we’ve gotten covered and stuck in.

He makes us shiny and brand new.

…when we thought we were going to end up with those sticky “labels” for the rest of our lives…


Side note, little honest conversation between me and the Lord:

“God, I feel really cheesy this morning, why are You having me write like this?”

“You asked Me what I wanted you to write, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did Lord.” ☺️ ✍?

Thank You, Lord. ?

-Heather ?

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