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8.23.2020 – Mockery

Do you guys know that yesterday, I cringed so much at my self about something… well, part of it was because my husband, Jason picked on me a little bit (because he also knows what’s good for me).

He wasn’t doing it to be mean…

…I think the Lord was using him to help me learn the “lesson” a little more… thoroughly. ??

What lesson?

I think it’s learning to not “over care” about what people may think about me when I feel a little silly doing something the Lord asks me to do.

And to not look at myself harshly if people should make fun of me or deem me silly or ridiculous… or just plain weird.

It’s okay to “care”… but when it goes into overly caring, it can get self-centered pretty quick, and that’s when the lies and the thoughts and condemnation tries to get in to get me to agree with the wrong things.

If the enemy comes in and says, “You’re so lame, look at what you said, it’s so cringe-worthy, it was so silly and ridiculous and stupid, people are going to make fun of you and think you’re crazy.”

Well…. people may in fact think things like that about me… but…

This is when I need to be able to confidently say,

I’m confident it was from the Lord, and even though it may seem silly or cheesy or even be cringe-worthy…. even if people may laugh at me…. Important Note to Self: it’s not ‘lame’… because nothing the Lord says or does is ever ‘lame’…..’Laughable’? perhaps… but ‘ridiculous’ or ‘lame’? Never.”

I’m realizing that God will sometimes ask us to do what we may consider to be some “silly” things…

Mockery is a real thing we’ll probably have to face in our lives.

Jesus had to face it. ?

But God’s opinion far exceeds ours, and the opinions of others. His ways are always higher than our ways, no matter how His ways may seem to us.

He has a reason and a purpose for everything He does, everything He allows, and everything He asks us to do.

Just like this little lesson— or perhaps I should call it an “exercise” He took me through yesterday…. He’s got a purpose for that. ?

Sometimes He does things that will utterly destroy the areas within us that need to be uprooted and destroyed so that He can clear the way for what He wants to build.

It’s like He says, “Are you done with that now? Okay, good. Let’s get started…”

Check this out though…

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”—Galatians 6:7

Blessed are you when people make fun of you and hurt you because of me. You are also blessed when they tell all kinds of evil lies about you because of me.” —Matthew 5:11

Thank You, Father. ? Your ways are always higher and always greater, no matter how they might appear on the surface, and no matter how they may seem in our little minds.

-Heather ?

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