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8.24.2020 – God Uses Our Failures to Propel us Forward

Have you ever paid attention to the patterns in your life?

What about this one…

…an area or a situation that you feel like you “failed” in…

Could be one failure, or it could be a “time and time again” kind of failure…

You maybe didn’t have the right reaction, maybe you chickened out or you made the wrong choice, or you made a mistake in that crucial moment of “to jump or not to jump?”…

And then the enemy comes over, tries to make you feel like you’ll have no more chances, that you really blew it, and that there isn’t much hope for you to break out of this “pattern” you’ve now discovered in your life.

But God….

In that time of failure, in facing those feelings of “defeat”—you turn to God and say,

“Father, I’m sorry… I know I failed here. I know I didn’t make the right choice, I know I made a mistake…. and I need Your help to be able to break out of this “way”, this pattern, these mistakes I keep making… will You help me?”

And even though you might have to navigate through a few things because of that failure or mistake, there is this thing that God does—this thing He places within us that seems to help “propel” us into the breakthrough.

Into the changed way, a transformed heart that is now filled with resolve…

Because of the lesson you’ve had to learn from the mistake, because of having to deal with some warfare because of it, because of the realization that, yes—”I’ve made a mistake and I need the grace of God to help me break out of this way in me…”

“God, let Your grace carry me…”

And then the next time you face the same or similar thing, you find yourself presented with another chance… and you discover that “extra something” within yourself that seems almost “super charged”…..

…and then in the next crucial moment you face where you’re dealing with your will, your emotions, and the current state of your heart, perhaps some fears and some intimidation… recognize that it’s that same pattern—that crucial moment you find yourself in, yet again….. but you’re somehow able to break through this time. ☀️✨

The lessons we learn in the times we failed before, God uses to propel us “forward and through”…

We can’t go back in time, we can’t redo our mistakes, but God has a way of making a new thing for us to walk into. ☀️

And just like that we can see it…

“Had I not failed a little bit, had I not had to learn that lesson…. I may have not propelled forward and through into this breakthrough I’ve suddenly found myself in.”

And God knew it was going to work out this way all along… ?

I’m so thankful that He teaches us and helps us through.

He can even use our mistakes and failures. Isn’t that incredible?

With God, the lessons we learn and gain from our failures will help propel us forward. ✨

And we’ve grown… ?

Thank You, Father. ?

-Heather ?

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