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8.29.2020 – He Brings it to Light When the Time is Right

There are some fears that can hide in the deepest, darkest places of our hearts…

But He’s so faithful to reveal these things to us, isn’t He? ?

He does it out of love…

He’s so faithful to bring them to light when the time is right. ☀️

Have you ever wondered if you’re afraid of your own potential?

Afraid of who God could desire you to grow into?

…That it could just be too outside of what you ever thought and imagined for your life, too far from where your mind can go?

Too far out of your comfort zone?

It almost seems too silly to even say, doesn’t it?

And yet how often do we say,

“Oh God, surely not me!”

It can be a real thing hiding in our hearts —a very real hinderance.

A very real thing we need to get over…

…it’s really so far beyond just “me“…and what I think is reasonable for my life.

God thinks so much bigger. ? And for some reason He likes to use the smallest things to do the biggest things He wants to do.

Isn’t that something.…?

The Lord is so in tune with our hearts, He knows exactly where we stand, and He knows precisely what we need —and what we don’t need.

As I was writing in my journal this morning and reflecting a bit on yesterday, I had this realization that Lord must have known I needed some encouragement yesterday …because it came from all over the place, and in many different, unexpected ways.

And it just came in what felt like such extravagant, over-the-top kinds of encouragement… ?

Bursting forth at just the right moments.

It’s one thing to “desire” encouragement….or to long for a constant stream of encouragement…

…and another to truly be in a time of needing encouragement in order to keep going.

To keep moving forward.

To not quit.

To keep on keeping on…

To break out of…

You know, our obedience to His leading matters so much more than we can comprehend in the moment…it’s so much broader and deeper and bigger than we often realize.

But when you’re on the receiving side, and you’re the one who truly needed—that reminder, that word of encouragement, that kind gesture, that loving nudge…

You begin to really get it.

…And then you just want to give it away… ?✨? You want to deliver bouquets of flowers to everyone! ?

Father, You are always guiding us into the place we need to be, keeping us on the way we should be going. As a good Father, You’re faithful to do whatever it takes to help us get there—out of love— even if it’s painful sometimes… but You do it to help us to walk the path You have for us in this life. To face whatever it is we need to face… And You infuse us with the encouragement and love that we need in order to keep going. You don’t want us to miss out on being a part of something wonderful that You’re wanting to do in the earth. ✨ And for some reason You want to use us to do it… ?☀️

Thank You, Father. ?

Side Note:

Sometimes a simple prayer of,

“Lord, help me….”

…can be far more powerful than we know. ?✨?☀️

-Heather ?

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