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9.1.2020 – Treasures Hidden in Creation

Over the last couple of years, it’s like I’ve been in this time of realization

Realization of just how much God uses the things in the natural—in creation, in what manifests in our lives, in what we can see with our eyes…. how all of this in the natural can give us clues and hints into the depths of what is really happening in the realm of the unseen, in the spirit.

What we see is only a glimpse of true reality! But part of the purpose of creation is to lead us and to help us to have deeper understanding of what we can’t see!

God is so creative! And He’s a good teacher too. ?

What we think is real is only a shadow compared to the reality of what is happening in the unseen realm.?

God draws us to things in creation, and in the natural… that help to paint a picture of what is really happening in the unseen.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”—Psalm 19:1

He’s waiting for us to look with our eyes so that He can teach us how to see, and to see deeper and deeper into… until we can see more of what’s true and real than ever before!

He’s built it into creation, it’s all right there, clues right before our very eyes… and He uses it to draw us into deeper revelation, deeper understanding of true reality, and into deeper relationship with Him.

His creation was created to point to Him, and declare His glory! It all points to something!

Even if something we see in the natural points to something that is “not so good” that is happening in the spirit, He can use it to reveal that to us through what we can see happening in the natural…. so that it can be redeemed!

“For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.”—Romans 1:20

Think about it….

The seasons… (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

The land… (Is the land lush or in drought?)

The weather…

The animals…

The trees… (Is the tree strong? Is it withered?)

The leaves on the trees… (Are there leaves? What season are the leaves in? Are they blooming or are they about to fall off the tree?)

The roots of the trees… (Does the tree have a strong root system? Is the tree likely to fall over because it has no roots in the ground?)

The flowers…

The birds…

The song of the birds…

The color of the birds…

The behavior of the birds…

The size of the birds…

He could even be showing us things about our lives in certain physical things we face….

“Lord, what are You wanting to place before my eyes in the natural to help paint a picture of what You are wanting me to understand and realize in the spirit?”

He can teach us SO MUCH if we just look!

…Just when we think we know about something through and through in the natural, He reveals something new about this simple little thing… something that is complex and mind-baffling!

Did you know that when the light hits the wings of a hummingbird just right, a camera can pick up on this “rainbow light” that shines from their wings?

Is that not incredible? There is much to learn in all of this…

These hummingbirds are showing me things as I watch them, as I’ve realized that God is placing my eyes on them to watch. One of the things I notice is their smallness, their neediness and dependency—a place that they can go to and draw from. I also notice their surprising strength and courage, in-spite of their tiny size.

God has built surprises into His creation, treasures for us to find that draw us into closer relationship with Him, that draw us into deeper revelation. Things we never would have dreamed we could discover in something so simple.

When we look at something in the natural, we can know, that there is something about that thing that God can use to help to paint a picture that leads to deeper understanding, and will take us deeper into the things of the spirit… and closer and closer to Him.

“For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him.”—Colossians 1:16

I have discovered so much joy in this process with the Lord.

Never would I have ever thought….

But God… ☀️?

Take a moment to let Him show you something, and then be ready for Him to take you deeper into something He wants to reveal to you through what He’s showing you through your natural eyes. ✨

“All the earth worships you and sings praises to you; they sing praises to your name.” Selah”—Psalm 66:4

Father, thank You for building all of this into Your creation… that we may look and see things that You want to help us to grasp and understand and realize. You are speaking! You have painted all of this in such a way that that through this process, we can grow in our relationship with You… and then You do this thing where You take us on an adventure… and then before we know it, our days, our lives… it all becomes a constant conversation with You. ? Everything we see, everything we experience, everything we go through…. we learn and we realize that You’re always just right there, and we learn to talk with You about it all. You’re teaching us and showing us things, and giving us peace and joy through the journey… ?☀️?

He has purposefully designed these treasures that are “hidden” in His creation… just waiting for us to find… And it’s all part of His design to lead us closer and closer to His heart, as we see and discover more and more of who He is.

Thank You, Father. ?

-Heather ?

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