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9.7.2020 – Home Renovations

Today we’re starting on another small phase of home renovations—at least for the next week. ?

Today is “demo day”, at least for the bedroom. We’re tearing down ALL of the walls in our bedroom, taking it down to the studs, closing in one of the doorways to make more wall space, and we’re widening the closet quite a bit for more storage. We’re also fixing the flooring in that room, finishing the floors and we’ll paint the room. It’s going to look like a brand new room when we’re finished with it!

We’ve been renovating our home and the land since we moved in—I guess it was 2016? It’s been quite a process, and it’s been very much “little-by-little”…

I had hoped it would all be done by now, of course (You see, I am the type who loves checking tasks off my list with tremendous passion! haha)

So let’s just say I’ve learned quite a few “lessons” within this whole process. ? ? ? ? ? ?

I’ve learned, that sometimes a process takes more time than we’d like, but God’s always got something in that process that’s extremely necessary for our lives.

He’s got something extremely valuable in the processes and the lessons He takes us through. ⛏?

And we can never really “measure” our process—our journey—our “renovations” with anyone else’s.

God didn’t design it to be that way… He’s created us each to be so incredibly unique, and to have our own unique stories, for a purpose!

And guess what? None of our stories are going to be polished and perfect.

He knows this, He realizes this… and He still chooses to use us.

We’re not always going to love every moment of our processes.

Part of the process is going to be messy. Part of the process will take some demolition. Part of the process will take a lot of hard work. Part of the process will take some clean up. Part of the process will take some patience…

But then…. when it’s time to build… part of the process will take some excitement and passion and creativity! ✍??

But do you know? The “renovation” is worth it. The hard work is worth it. The finished product is worth it.

It’s so worth it to go through the process to “uproot and to tear down” so that all of the brand new and wonderful things can be built into place… (See Jeremiah 1:10)

And it’s all in God’s perfect timing and within His perfect plan, and He does it out of His perfect love. ?

He makes all things beautiful. He makes all things new. ✨

And sometimes that means some demolition and some uprooting. ⛏?

We don’t have to be afraid of the process. He knows what He’s doing. ? We just have to listen to His direction… because He has the “blueprint.” ☀️

“And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” —Revelation 21:5

And it’s all worth it. ?

Thank You, Lord.

-Heather ?

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